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Electrical, Renewable Energy, Power, DCS Training Courses

Electrical Power Systems for Non-Engineers


This course is dedicated to non-engineers to understand the basics and operations of electrical power systems. Commencing with the conventional method of generation of electricity to the fundamentals of renewable energy electrical power generation. In the transmission and distribution of electrical power the functions of power transformers, circuit breakers, electric motors, and earthing systems. Safety and hazards of electricity are the focal points in all electrical installations.

Basic single line diagram interpretation is essential for the understanding of the electrical installation power flow. The emphasis of alternating current (AC) systems will encompass the basic electrical units like voltage, current, power, power factor a frequency of a single-phase and three-phase systems. Maintenance culture complimented by standard testing and measuring instruments is essential to ensure the reliability and security of an electrical power system

Targeted Groups:

  • Mechanical Engineering Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineering Technicians
  • Safety Officers
  • Civil Engineering Personnel
  • Administrative and Management Staff

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity
  • Analyze Grounding systems and electrical safety
  • Determine Electric shock risks and arc flash hazards
  • Understand the electrical faults and protective devices
  • Familiarise with main electrical equipment like transformers, motors and circuit breakers

Targeted Competencies:

  • Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity
  • Types of AC single-phase and three-phase network systems
  • Power and power factor in an AC system
  • Protection devices in an electrical installation
  • Electrical safety and electric shock hazards

Course Content:
Unit 1: The AC Network and Electric Shock Hazards:

  • Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity single-phase and three-phase
  • Types of AC network, star and delta configurations
  • Power, voltage, current, impedance and power factor
  • Importance of network earthing systems
  • Types of earthing systems
  • Electrical safety and electric shock hazards

Unit 2: Operation of Various Types of Electrical Protection Devices:

  • Fuses for low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage
  • Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) construction and operation principles
  • Molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) construction and operations
  • Air circuit breakers
  • Vacuum circuit breakers
  • SF6 circuit breakers

Unit 3: Distribution Power Transformers and AC Motors:

  • Construction and types of transformers
  • Functionalities of the transformer components
  • Transformer cooling systems
  • Types of AC single-phase motors
  • Three-phase AC induction motors
  • Starting methods of AC motors

Unit 4: The Interpretation and Use of Drawings:

  • Importance of electrical drawings
  • Single line diagram symbols
  • Interpretation of electrical drawings
  • Tracing a single line diagram
  • Identify the components in a single line diagram
  • Design a single line diagram

Unit 5: The Use of Common Test Equipment and Maintenance:

  • Digital multimeter
  • Insulation resistance tester
  • Importance and significance of maintenance
  • Maintenance strategies in an electrical installation
  • Types of maintenance

Electrical, Renewable Energy, Power, DCS Training Courses
Electrical Power Systems for Non-Engineers (L6066)


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