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Advanced Maintenance Management Process Training Course


This advanced maintenance management process course focuses on comprehensively structuring the maintenance management environment. In the advanced maintenance management process course, participants will explore various vital elements essential to crafting a robust maintenance management strategy.

Participants in the advanced maintenance management process course will delve into organization, maintenance program development, work planning and control, decision models, maintenance auditing and performance measurement, and continuous improvement.

The advanced maintenance management process training emphasizes the importance of maintaining core disciplines, driving enhancements, identifying best practices, and assisting with the formulation of strategies to raise the bar of maintenance standards to a world-class level.

As part of this maintenance management training course, attendees are encouraged to pursue a maintenance management professional certification. This certification serves as a testament to the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills acquired in advanced maintenance management systems, methodologies, and best practices.

Upon completion, participants may be eligible to earn a certificate in maintenance management, distinguishing themselves as certified maintenance managers. The advanced maintenance management process program envelops the principles of the essential maintenance management process.

This advanced maintenance management process course or seminar prepares candidates to excel in the maintenance manager, advancing their careers and enhancing the operational efficiency of their organizations.

Targeted Groups

  • All professionals are involved in maintenance management.
  • Professionals engaged in work planning and control.
  • Maintenance supervisors.
  • Maintenance engineers.
  • Maintenance team leaders and managers.
  • Operations team leaders and managers.

Course Objectives

By the end of this maintenance management training seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify planning best practices and critical elements for taking action on them.
  • Understand how world-class organizations solve common planning problems.
  • Evaluate their practices compared to those of others.
  • Improve the use of their information and communication tools.
  • Improve productivity through the use of better, more timely information.
  • Create and preserve lead time in work management and use it for planning and scheduling resources.
  • Improve consistency and reliability of asset information.
  • Optimize preventive and predictive maintenance strategies.
  • Audit their maintenance operations.
  • Use the results to develop an improvement strategy.
  • Establish auditing and performance indicators as a critical element of the maintenance strategy.

Targeted Competencies

At the end of this advanced maintenance management process course, the target competencies will be able to evolve:

  • Asset management: adopting a business-like approach to maintenance management.
  • Utilization of KPIs and the balanced scorecard to gauge performance accurately.
  • Assessment of asset management maturity to determine a roadmap for improvement.
  • The business case for asset management improvement - adopting cost/benefit thinking.
  • Comprehending risk and introduction to risk-based maintenance approach.
  • Embracing life cycle management, including systems engineering and RAMS requirements.
  • Life cycle costing and its impact on maintenance decisions.
  • Adopting the latest concepts and techniques of predictive and intelligent maintenance.

Course Content

Unit 1: Maintenance management strategy

  • Maintenance in the business process.
  • Evolution in maintenance management.
  • The maintenance management environment and the need for improvement.
  • An overview of various approaches to maintenance improvement.
  • The maintenance benchmarking process.
  • Maintenance benchmarking methodology.
  • World-class maintenance management.
  • Structure and content of the maintenance management strategy.

Unit 2: Maintenance plan: Define the workload

  • Understanding the risk priority number and its implications.
  • Crafting a detailed criticality matrix.
  • Employing Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA).
  • Analyzing the consequences of failure for proactive measures.
  • Developing robust failure management policies using RCM.
  • Implementing effective failure management policies.
  • Enhancing corrective maintenance planning and maintenance logistics.
  • Focusing on maintenance task detail planning and work estimating.

Unit 3: Maintenance management systems

  • Prioritizing maintenance work effectively.
  • Streamlining the maintenance workflow process.
  • Effectively managing notifications for seamless operations.
  • Creating a weekly master schedule that ensures efficiency.
  • Mastering backlog management to prevent work accumulation.

Unit 4: Maintenance auditing and improvement

  • An introduction to the principles of maintenance auditing and benchmarking.
  • Utilizing auditing and benchmarking to propel improvement initiatives.
  • The intricate maintenance auditing process and methodology.
  • Guidance on conducting a comprehensive maintenance audit.
  • Interpretation of audit results for actionable insights.
  • Leveraging auditing results to catalyze continuous improvement.

Unit 5: Performance indicators and management reporting

  • Effective management and measurement of progress towards excellence.
  • Streamlining information and control systems for maintenance operations.
  • Tailoring management levels and information for different organizational roles.
  • Implementing maintenance performance indicators as accurate measures of success.
  • Development of management reports that aid informed decision-making.
  • Facilitate continuous improvement in maintenance practices for sustainable growth.

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