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Strategic Maintenance Planning Training Course


Maintenance plays a pivotal role as a high-leverage contributor to business profitability, impacting equipment capacity, product quality, safety, health, and the environment, as well as production costs. Implementing a significantly world-class maintenance operation improves plant profit and offers intangible benefits like enhanced customer satisfaction, employee pride, and strengthened vendor relations.

Strategic maintenance planning is vital for operational success, aligning with the enterprise's aim for world-class status. The maintenance organization and strategy are integral to this pursuit, driven by business goals and intertwined with other functions. The strategy assimilates technical and managerial tactics across all organizational levels, ensuring the highest maintenance management and effectiveness while minimizing new asset life-cycle costs and current operating expenses.

The business goals will place organizational and technical demands on the enterprise. The strategy, therefore, has to integrate and guide the implementation of technical and managerial strategies at all organizational and process levels.

The strategy/philosophy must represent the very best technology, procedures, and practices available relevant to the business goals of the organization. The strategy must define the processes/procedures/practices required to achieve the highest possible degree of maintenance management and maintenance effectiveness while minimizing the total life-cycle costs of new assets and current operating expenses of existing investments.

Additional Module: Strategic Maintenance Management

This module discusses strategic maintenance solutions tailored to align maintenance activities with overall business strategy. Participants will explore how to develop a coherent management and maintenance plan, ensuring they can construct a forward-thinking maintenance management training course approach. A focus on certification opportunities such as the maintenance planning certificate will provide insights into how training can be a cornerstone for career progression in strategic maintenance planning.

Targeted Groups

  • Planners.
  • Maintenance and Reliability Engineers.
  • Planning Engineers.
  • Maintenance Supervisors.
  • Maintenance Engineers.
  • Maintenance Team Leaders and Managers.
  • Operations Team Leaders and Managers.
  • Technical Support Staff.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this strategic maintenance planning and management course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize that maintenance plays a crucial role in achieving business aims.
  • Formulate a strategic framework for efficient maintenance management.
  • Comprehend roles, processes, and procedures for organizational efficacy.
  • Define measurements for management and technical performance at all levels.
  • Enhance equipment performance and ensure asset longevity.

Targeted Competencies

At the end of this strategic maintenance planning and management course, the participants will be able to:

  • Establishing an efficient planning function.
  • An object-based approach to programmed maintenance development.
  • Work planning for safety, quality, and efficiency.
  • Work scheduling with a focus on operational continuity.
  • Connecting operations with the maintenance schedule.
  • Generating concise performance indicator reports for improvement.
  • Eradicating equipment defects through a complete process.

Course Content

Unit 1: Maintenance Objectives and Strategy

  • Evolving maintenance relevance.
  • Maintenance role in modern business.
  • Cost reduction and performance enhancement.
  • Accurate downtime cost analysis.
  • Assessing maintenance cost and value.
  • Maintenance impact on the bottom line.
  • Maintenance evolution - history and modern thinking.
  • Brief historical overview of maintenance.
  • Maintenance types.
  • Developing a robust maintenance plan.
  • Aspiring for world-class reliability and maintenance.

Unit 2: World-Class Standards - Comparing Your Plant With The Best

  • Benchmarking and maintenance performance assessment.
  • Conducting a maintenance self-assessment.
  • Managing and measuring progress to excellence. 
  • Evaluating Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Unit 3: Implementing New Management Approaches

  • Implementing a Failure Management Programme (RCM).
  • Adoption of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).
  • Considerations for life-cycle costing.
  • Leveraging Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).
  • Understanding why CMMS implementations fail.

Unit 4: Optimising Maintenance Organisation

  • Pursuing operations excellence.
  • Synergizing operations with maintenance for production.
  • Exploring if operations can manage maintenance effectively.
  • A driving lesson for operations and maintenance.
  • Assessing the 70/30 phenomenon in maintenance and operations.

Unit 5: Contract Maintenance

  • Deconstructing maintenance management legends.
  • Establishing a framework for best maintenance practices.
  • Analyzing case studies.

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