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The Essentials of Public Relations and Administration Communication Skills


Today, public relations professionals are employed across diverse sectors, including business, government, and nonprofit organizations. This public relations and communication skills course aims to cultivate the ability to devise and manage communication and public relations strategies skillfully.

By integrating these essential concepts and practices within the framework of this public relations and communication skills course, valuable insights into communications and public relations are illuminated, guiding participants toward mastering the art of public relations communication and enhancing the caliber of their organizational messaging.

What is Communications and Public Relations?

Communications and public relations play a pivotal role in shaping the image and perception of organizations. This public relations and communication skills course delves deeply into the integral relationship between communications and public relations, exploring how strategic messaging is crafted and disseminated to the public through various channels.

Targeted Groups:

  • PR Managers.
  • PR Professionals.
  • HR Professionals.
  • Marketing Professionals.
  • This public relations and communication skills course is for Individuals seeking to enhance their communication and public relations skills.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this public relations and communication skills course, participants will be able to:

  • Grasp the fundamentals of communications and public relations.
  • Conceptualize and oversee business communication elements such as image and publicity.
  • Plan and execute public relations and media programs and campaigns.
  • Keep abreast of global trends and adhere to international communication and public relations standards.
  • Effectively manage business communication facets, including image and publicity.

Targeted Competencies:

At the end of this public relations and communication skills course, the target competencies will be able to improve the following:

  • PR management.
  • Media planning.
  • Business communication.
  • Press release writing.
  • Corporate communication.
  • Understand the utilization of social media and public relations communication tools.

Course Content:

Unit 1: The Nature of PR and its Interconnection with Media and Journalism:

  • Overview of communications public relations.
  • Learn about the six-point model of public relations planning.
  • What is the role of media and journalism in public relations?
  • Understand the management of traditional and electronic media relations.
  • How do you do audience analysis and its significance?
  • Development of measurable communication efforts.
  • Budget considerations within PR campaigns.
  • Understand the evaluation of communication program success utilizing public relations communication strategies.

Unit 2: Press Release Writing and Adherence to International Standards:

  • Differentiate media handling techniques.
  • Learn about the distinctions between press release and news release formats.
  • Master of the press release using the 6 Cs of communication.
  • What is adherence to the journalism code of truth?
  • What is the public relations society in America and its norms?
  • PRSA code of ethics and public relations industry ethics.
  • Balance international PR norms with organizational interests.
  • Meet standards set by the Society of Professional Journalism (SPJ).
  • What is public opinion, and how do we measure it?
  • Propagandistic communication models.
  • Understand crisis management and associated media handling skills.

Unit 3: Business Communication and its Integral Relationship with Public Relations:

  • Learn about corporate communication as a subset of communications and public relations.
  • Learn about the comparison of marketing communication and public relations.
  • Understand the internal audience management and employee relations.
  • Cultivate consumer relations and effective customer relations management.
  • Manage multicultural community relations.
  • Understand government relations.
  • International relations within public relations.

Unit 4: Globalization and its Impacts on Public Relations:

  • Understand the environment, globalization, and the effect of technology.
  • What are Social media platforms, and how do you handle them effectively?
  • Multimedia age of business communication.
  • Learn about the events as part of your public relations.
  • Understand The importance of events, types, venues, and purposes.
  • Employing events to serve the overall organizational message
  • Learn about corporate social responsibility and how it serves the message.
  • Build a supportive community for your core message.

Unit 5: Crafting a Cohesive Campaign Theme and Execution:

  • Understanding the core messages
  • Assess the need for PR efforts and research your audience.
  • Plan the campaign/program with standards of quality and theme.
  • Choose the best strategy to deliver your message.
  • Implement the campaign/program.
  • Evaluate the campaign/program's effect on the audience.
  • Keep the core message in each stage.
  • Understand the virtual campaign design based on participant capacities and professional background.

Public Relations Training & Certification Courses
The Essentials of Public Relations and Administration Communication Skills (PR)


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