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Marketing & Sales Management Training Courses

Strategic Sales Planning and Territory Management Course


The strategic sales and territory management course is well-designed, and managed sales territories allow firms to maximize sales force capacity, provide a foundation for other sales performance management activities (including incentive compensation and quota design), and have many other benefits to sales forces.

This strategic sales and territory management course reviews territory management principles while focusing on the essential analytical frameworks and practices of sound territory design.

Sales Territory Management Best Practices and Tools

In recognition of the vital role that territory management plays in the success of a sales force, this course also dedicates a unit on sales territory management best practices and the tools integral to the process. Participants in the strategic sales and territory management course will explore advanced concepts in territory planning sales, effective sales territory management, and the dynamics of a successful territory sales plan.

With guidance on using leading territory management tools and focusing on strategically managing a sales territory, sales professionals will enhance their ability to design and execute a sales territory management strategy that aligns with their company\'s objectives and adapts to the market\'s evolving requirements.

Targeted Groups

  • Sales Managers.
  • Sales Supervisors.
  • Key Account Managers.
  • Salespeople and other senior sales staff.

Course Objectives

At the end of this strategic sales and territory management course, the participants will be able to:

  • Analyze the process of sales planning and territory management.
  • Practice effective ways of setting goals, developing sales activities, and managing time effectively.
  • Use relevant tools for route structuring and territory management.
  • Apply the methods of effective territory management and strategic selling.
  • Revise sales strategies and provide proper sales training for the salesforce.
  • Successfully choose, target, and manage a territory, maximizing growth and profit.

Targeted Competencies

By the end of this strategic sales and territory management course, the target competencies will be able to:

  • Sales performance management.
  • Sales planning.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Self-management.
  • Analytical foundations are essential to territory management.
  • Strategic selling skills.

Course Content

Unit 1: Overall Planning Process

  • Overview of sales management.
  • Activities involved in implementing a sales program.
  • Evaluation and control of sales force performance.
  • Supervisor sales training program. 

Unit 2: Management of Self

  • Time management techniques for sales professionals.
  • Salespeople time analysis.
  • Managing your time for better sales results.
  • Corporate training for better account management.

Unit 3: Territory Management

  • Generating new accounts.
  • Computing the cost per call and number of calls needed to close a sale.
  • ABC account classification and the portfolio model.
  • Designing sales territories using build-up and breakdown methods.
  • Routing patterns. 

Unit 4: SalesForce Structure and Organization

  • Generalist and specialist sales forces.
  • Dividing the salesforce.

Unit 5: Strategic Selling

  • Buying influences and red flags identification.
  • Working the sales funnel.
  • How do salespeople think, feel, and behave?
  • Establishing control systems.
  • Primary account sales strategy.
  • Discover their sales strengths.
  • Proactive sales management.
  • Advanced selling strategies.
  • Secrets of excellent sales management.

Marketing & Sales Management Training Courses
Strategic Sales Planning and Territory Management Course (MS5026)


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