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Customer Service & Public Relations Masterclass


Our customer service and public relations masterclass combines advanced customer service management and PR/communications disciplines in a powerful state-of-the-art program to enable you to exploit this colossal opportunity.

In a fast-paced, interactive, ultimate public relations masterclass program, you will work closely to hone your relationship-building skills and strategies and to develop a planned approach to deal with the "new" consumer.

In this customer service and public relations masterclass course, you will learn how to build lasting rapport and mutual respect with your customers while you uncover their needs, match them, build respect, and maintain customer loyalty.

Master Degree Level Discourse in Customer Service and Public Relations

This comprehensive ultimate public relations masterclass is designed to impart knowledge at a level comparable to a master's degree in public relations and a master's in customer service management.

The curriculum is meticulously structured to deliver the ultimate public relations masterclass experience, enriching the repertoire of those seeking a master's degree in customer service.

Targeted Groups

This customer service and public relations masterclass is for anyone who provides services, products, or information to internal or external customers, including personnel from:

  • Customer Service.
  • Sales Professionals.
  • Field Services Representatives.
  • Receptionists.
  • Front-line staff.
  • Communication Specialists.
  • Public Relations Personnel.
  • Also, this customer service and public relations course is for anyone who will ever need to influence others, socially or commercially, and managers who want to add high-level communications and influencing skills to their portfolios.

Course Objectives

At the end of this customer service and public relations course, participants will be able to:

  • Build lasting and meaningful relationships with their customers.
  • Use powerful behavioral tools to ensure they secure and maintain a competitive edge within any marketplace.
  • Gain a greater understanding of their customer's needs and how to satisfy them.
  • Explore the basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional intelligence and discover how they can help them improve their customer service management.
  • Understand how media channels can be used successfully to develop and enhance relationships.
  • Understand the process of decision-making based on learning from neuroeconomics.
  • Develop their ability to draw stakeholder maps and explore and exploit the relationships between stakeholders.
  • Influence with integrity and effective communication
  • Create and adapt crystal-clear models for communication between your organization and its customers.
  • Plan communications activity to meet stakeholder needs
  • Build cooperation and commitment.
  • Learn how to be an effective user of e-media
  • Develop personal communication effectiveness.

Targeted Competencies

  • Communicate with customers.
  • Customer orientation.
  • Emotional control.
  • Empathic outlook.
  • Flexibility.
  • Read people.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Influence.
  • Time management.
  • Evaluate.
  • Decision-making.

Course Content

Unit 1: The World of Customer Service Excellence

  • What is the means of customer service?
  • Identify excellence in front-line customer services.
  • Understand the services and products you offer.
  • What is the role of NLP and emotional excellence in customer service?
  • Customer perceptions about your organization.
  • Desire customer feedback profiles.
  • Understand the myths and truths of customer service.

Unit 2: Gaining a Greater Understanding of Your Company

  • How do you go from judgments to behavioral flexibility?
  • Behavior patterns and recognition.
  • Adjust your behavior to align with that of others.
  • Establish lasting rapport.
  • Sharpen awareness of others' communication signals.
  • Deepen trust with colleagues and clients.
  • What are the perspectives on customer behavior and motivations?
  • Interpret body language and truthful expressions.

Unit 3: Communication Masterclass

  • Define crystal clear communication.
  • Listen and question techniques for excellence.
  • Recognize thinking patterns.
  • Communication barriers and filters.
  • Understand The power of metaphors and models in communication.
  • Use perceptual positions to understand your customers' points of view.
  • Logical levels of change.
  • Build climates of trust.
  • Create well-formed outcomes.
  • Communication skills exercises.

Unit 4: Influencing With Integrity

  • Explore personal and corporate value sets.
  • Influence the Influencers and high fliers.
  • Matching others' language patterns and their impact is essential.
  • Understand techniques like mirroring and pacing in communication.
  • Reference in self-coaching and coaching others.
  • Practical exercises in influencing skills.

Unit 5: Conflict and Challenge

  • What is the practical meaning of assertiveness?
  • Deal with difficult people in an assertive way.
  • Deal with demanding customers.
  • Maintain high standards of customer service.
  • Review the service that you offer and react accordingly.
  • Embracing change for the good of all.
  • Personal planning session - dealing with your customers.

Unit 6: The 21st Century Communicator

  • Introduction and welcome.
  • Goal setting for the program.
  • What is the role of communications PR in the organization?
  • Understand the range of media and channels.
  • Understand neuroeconomics and the behavior of our stakeholders.
  • A problem-solving approach.
  • Personal goal-setting for the program.

Unit 7: From Theory to Successful Practice

  • Communications models: implications for practice.
  • What are psychological themes and construction in practice?
  • Understand the art of influence and persuasion.
  • Ethics and communications.
  • Organizational transparency and communications.
  • Take and interpret communication briefs.

Unit 8: The Medium is The Message

  • Strategies management for stakeholder relations.
  • Choos is a suitable medium for various stakeholder communications.
  • Professional written communication skills.
  • What are the digital media and web writing expertise?
  • Understand Effective event organization for stakeholder engagement.

Unit 9: Management Of Communication

  • Enhancing Organizational Communication Dynamics.
  • Assess communication effectiveness.
  • Utilize metrics for communication improvements.
  • Crisis communication management.
  • Manage and protect organizational reputation management.

Unit 10: Putting it All Together

  • Plan your career and personal development.
  • Impact positively on your managers.
  • Manage up and increase your visibility.
  • Networking and effectiveness.
  • Understand teamwork and your effectiveness.
  • Understand time management and work planning.

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