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Certified Advanced Public Relations (PR) Course


Communications and PR are at the heart of business performance. Modern methods, tools, and channels have significantly amplified their impact. This dynamic and challenging program is built on developing the necessary skills and competencies to practice effectively in today's organizational framework.

This comprehensive, advanced public relations course is designed for professionals aiming to deepen their understanding and sharpen their Public Relations (PR) skills. The advanced public relations course covers an extensive range of topics that cater to both novices and seasoned PR professionals, particularly those seeking to enhance their expertise in PR management and communication strategies.

Through this advanced public relations program, participants will be trained to become adept PR managers, blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications in PR management. The advanced public relations course provides a robust foundation for participants who wish to excel in public relations and marketing courses, offering advanced public relations knowledge essential for a thriving career in PR management.

Enhancing Your Role as a PR Manager

For individuals interested in excelling as a PR manager, understanding the meaning and scope of PR management is integral. This advanced public relations course serves as both a PR management course and a PR manager training platform, guiding participants through the intricacies of Public Relations.

Moreover, the curriculum aligns with the public relations course requirements. It is a strategic step for those seeking a public relations certificate course. Participants interested in international public relations will find relevant content, enhancing their capabilities to operate globally. For those seeking comprehensive courses in public relations, this advanced program offers an in-depth look into the vital components of public relations management.

Targeted Groups

  • PR Managers, PR Executives, and PR Officers.
  • Public Affairs Professionals.
  • Marketing Professionals.
  • Branding, Product, and Marketing Managers.
  • Communications professionals are seeking to update their professional skill sets.

Course Objectives

By the end of this public relations management course, participants will be able to:

  • Examine the role of communications/PR in the 21st century organization.
  • Explore the broad spectrum of communication tools and techniques that are available.
  • Acquire enhanced skills in writing for print and the web and master a range of PR tools and techniques, including editing.
  • Craft a well-defined PR/Communications brief.
  • Strategically plan communications activities to meet client objectives.
  • Develop an electronic PR/communications center.
  • Implement crisis media management strategies.
  • Hone media interview techniques.
  • Cultivate personal communication effectiveness.

Targeted Competencies

At the end of this advanced public relations PR management course, participants will be able to improve the following:

  • Develop public speaking and adept media handling.
  • Develop advanced planning, organizing, and leadership in PR management.
  • Understand supervisory control and evaluation of PR strategies.
  • Professional written communication.
  • Build and maintain rapport with clients and media.
  • Understand efficiently providing and receiving constructive feedback.

Course Content

Unit 1: The 21st Century Communicator

  • Introduction and welcome to the world of a PR manager
  • Focus on goal setting for the program.
  • Understand the pivotal role of Communications PR in organizations.
  • Understand insight into the variety of media and channels available.
  • Adopt a problem-solving approach to PR.
  • Establish personal goals for the program.

Unit 2: From Theory to Successful Practice

  • Understand communications models and their implications for PR practice.
  • What are Psychological themes and their application in PR practices?
  • Master of the art of influence and persuasion.
  • Uphold ethics within PR and communications.
  • Understand the importance of organizational transparency in communications.
  • Master of interpreting and delivering communication briefs.

Unit 3: The Medium is The Message

  • Professional management of stakeholder relations.
  • What are Critical strategies for managing government relations?
  • Selection of channels - tailoring media to tasks and stakeholder needs.
  • How do you have expertise in writing and editing for newsletters, newspapers, or magazines?
  • Effective writing for web platforms.
  • How do you expertly plan and organize events and exhibitions?

Unit 4: Management Of Communication

  • Elevate the power of communications within the organization.
  • Methods for measuring communications effectiveness.
  • Use the application of performance measurements to foster improvement.
  • Critical approaches to crisis communication.
  • Fundamentals of reputational management.

Unit 5 - Putting it All Together

  • Formulate a career and personal development strategy.
  • Generate a positive impact on managers and peers.
  • Master of managing up and augmenting your professional visibility.
  • Networking skills to maximize effectiveness.
  • Enhance team working dynamics and individual effectiveness.
  • What are the advanced time management and work planning techniques?
  • Understand the synopsis and conclusion of the advanced public relations curriculum.

Public Relations Training & Certification Courses
Certified Advanced Public Relations (PR) Course (PR)


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