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Procurement & Logistics Courses

Managing Supply Operations, Strategic Supplies, and Efficient Export Chains Workshop


Procurement, a word used in the field of industry, commerce and services, which gave this process a special kind of importance, a job that is carried out with great responsibility towards the organization by providing materials and tasks for use in the facility, whether in production or operation, and that the responsibility of purchase exceeds the limits for the implementation of the procurement process, it included effective planning, policy-making and decision making, and this program is a brief attempt to clarify the basic requirements for achieving quality and excellence in the processes associated with supply and warehousing functions.

Targeted Groups:

Logistics professionals at all levels of the organization. Also, this course is ideal for those seeking to complement their supply chain and logistics experience with the latest theoretical knowledge in the field in preparation for assuming a higher position at their organization.

Workshop Objectives:

At the end of this workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Maximize their inventory control skills.
  • Maximize their logistical management skills according to ISO standards.
  • Gain excellent administrative practice to improve warehouses and control methods.
  • Learn about modern methods in supply and distribution chains.
  • Provide a set of modern skills that must be available to workers in the warehouse field.
  • Targeted Competencies:
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality Management
  • Warehouse design
  • Warehouse operation
  • Inventory management

Workshop Content:

Unit 1: Modern Techniques of Supply Chain Management:

  • Supply Chain Development.
  • Supply Chain, Value Chain, and Order Chain.
  • Electronic supply chain management tools.
  • Conditions of modern distinction for supply chain management.
  • Supply Chain Management Elements.

Unit 2: Establishing Strategic Management for Effective Supply Chains:

  • Why do we need to manage supply chains
  • General framework for strategic management.
  • Five advanced controls for optimal supply chain performance.
  • Effective supply chain strategies as a competitive advantage.
  • Achieve and measure growth through effective supply chains.
  • Adopting the PACE method for developing supply chain operations.

Unit 3: Warehouse and Supply Chain Management System:

  • Benefits of applying the logistic system.
  • Determine the standards and technology needed to implement the evolving logistics system.
  • Specialist connection of automated warehouse units.

Unit 4: Strategic Supply and Quality Management in Operating Operations:

  • Scheduling and coordination in supply management.
  • Strategic decisions for operations and supply.
  • The main requirements for applying total quality to operations and supply.
  • Standard Specifications for Quality Systems.
  • The expected benefits to be achieved from applying the comprehensive quality systems.
  • Standard financial ratios for supply operations in accordance with quality standards.

Unit 5: Certificate of Excellence Approved for Supply and Supply Research:

  • Quality requirements for supply and supply management.
  • Methods for measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of supply management.
  • Excellence model for supply and supply management.
  • The nine standards of excellence in supply management and operations.

Procurement & Logistics Courses
Managing Supply Operations, Strategic Supplies, and Efficient Export Chains Workshop (PR4117)


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