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Procurement & Logistics Courses

Advanced Procurement Strategies, Warehousing and Logistics Management


Because of the complementary relationship between the functions of procurement and storage and their vital role in reducing costs and good regularity of institutional work, this program aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of managers and workers in the departments of procurement and storage.

Targeted Groups:

  • Procurement Professionals
  • Logistics Professionals
  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • Warehouse & Inventory Managers

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Enhance decision-making ability in all aspects of logistics work.
  • Assist in the proper functioning and fulfillment of all requirements of the governing legislation and mechanisms.
  • Understand that payment and escrow are the subject of local and foreign contracts.
  • Gain Knowledge of clearance, shipping, and insurance procedures for goods.
  • Plan and follow-up procurement and negotiate with suppliers to reduce the costs of supply and operation.
  • Plan, control, and protect stock to ensure the continuity of work and reduce the investor in the stores.
  • Recognize the disposal of stagnates to achieve liquidity for the organization.

Targeted Competencies:

  • Supply chain management
  • Enhancing customer value
  • Warehouse design
  • Warehouse operation
  • Inventory management
  • Transportation management

Course Content:

Unit 1: Basic Concepts in Purchasing and Storage:

  • The importance of procurement and storage in the integrated planning of the organization.
  • The impact of the cost of purchase and storage on the income of the organization.
  • Purchase and storage policies.
  • Centralization and decentralization of procurement and storage.
  • Responsibilities and duties of employees in procurement and warehouses.

Unit 2: Purchase, Planning and Organizing The Stores:

  • Sources of supply.
  • Factors of trade-off between suppliers.
  • Internal organization of stores.
  • Wholesale warehouse and exchange warehouse.
  • Methods of ordering items.
  • Locate the items.

Unit 3: Methods and Procedures of Purchase and Storage:

  • Types of procurement methods (public and limited tender, practice, and direct order).
  • Regulation of procurement methods.
  • Procedures and forms used in procurement and storage.
  • Inventory control and evaluation of procurement work.
  • Inventory control methods.
  • Stock control reports.
  • Stock control indicators.
  • Methods of evaluation and follow-up of procurement.

Unit 4: Storage and Purchase Problems and Methods to Solve:

  • Idle causes and methods of treatment.
  • Administrative, organizational, and physical problems and their impact on procurement and storage.
  • Methods of securing and protecting inventory.

Unit 5: Logistics Management:

  • The role of the company's logistics, international trade, and customer service.
  • Logistics from an international perspective.
  • Logistics in the procurement procedure.
  • The role of logistics in inventory management and technological information.
  • The importance of logistics in controlling production and avoiding risks.
  • Payment Mechanisms in International Trade "Documentary Collections".
  • Mechanisms of Performance Assurance in International Trade "Letters of Guarantee / Letter of Credit Guarantee".

Unit 6: Conditions of International Sales:

  • A general idea of the Incoterms and the American synonym.
  • Elements and components of ICC Bulletin No. 560 of 1999 (Incoterms 2000).
  • Definition of international trade terms.
  • Four group review.
  • Review of thirteen items.

Unit 7: Commercial and Legal Documents From the Perspective of The Sales Contract:

  • The initial invoice with the definition of the most important items.
  • The export contract and defining its legal elements.
  • The correct contract terms.

Unit 8: Export Documents From The Perspective of The International Customs Regulation for Documentary Credits:

  • Commercial and consular invoice.
  • Detection of contents and weights.
  • Certificate of Origin.
  • Documents authenticated by the country 's imported consulates.
  • Pre-shipment inspection documents.
  • Transport and insurance documents.

Unit 9: Shipping Methods:

  • Mixed shipping.
  • Shipping within containers.
  • Cargo shipping.
  • Shipping by chartered ships.
  • Shipping by rolling ships.

Unit 10: Transportation:

  • Sea Shipping (Types of Ships).
  • Airfreight.
  • Land freight.

Unit 11: Clearance & Shipping Procedures:

  • Governing Legislation.
  • Clearance and shipping procedures.

Unit 12: Export Insurance Procedures:

  • Introducing the importance of export insurance to maintain invested capital.
  • Definition of the types of insurance on goods following the conditions of the underwriters complex in London.

Procurement & Logistics Courses
Advanced Procurement Strategies, Warehousing and Logistics Management (PR4115)


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