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Supply Chain and Inventory Management Training Course


The paramount supply chain will emerge as the victor in today's competitive environment. The chain offering unmatched value to its customers will secure a formidable competitive edge. This inventory and supply chain management course necessitates an expansive perspective that transcends the confines of the company, fostering full transparency across all stakeholders in the supply chain.

Upon completing this certified inventory and supply chain management course, participants will be awarded a prestigious certificate reinforcing their inventory and supply chain management expertise. This certification serves as a stepping stone toward enhancing one's career prospects in the rapidly evolving field of inventory management training.

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Targeted Groups

  • Procurement professionals.
  • Supply chain professionals.
  • Senior buyers.
  • Purchasing professionals.
  • Inventory managers.
  • Warehouse and store managers.

Course Objectives

By the conclusion of this certified inventory and supply chain management course, participants will be proficient in:

  • Defining and comprehending the intricacies of a supply chain.
  • Recognizing the pivotal role of inventory in the supply chain.
  • Calculating the requisite quantity of spare parts.
  • Identifying the quintessential inventory solution for spare parts.
  • Executing inventive strategies to minimize working capital.

Targeted Competencies

At the end of this certified inventory and supply chain management course, the participants will be able to improve:

  • Supply chain management.
  • Warehouse design.
  • Warehouse operation.
  • Inventory management.

Course Content

Unit 1: The Concept of the Supply Chain

  • Historical insight into ancient supply chains.
  • The fundamental concept of a supply chain and its significance in inventory management.
  • The five foundational processes in a supply chain.
  • The notion of the value chain and its impact on inventory strategies.
  • Metrics for gauging supply chain management performance.

Unit 2: Supply Chain Planning

  • Establishing a robust infrastructure encompassing inventory management in logistics.
  • Insights into manufacturers, warehouses, transportation, and retailers.
  • Exploring various supply chain scenarios and their implications on inventory.
  • Strategies for planning and optimization.
  • The pivotal role of inventory decisions in supply chain management.
  • Forrester effect.

Unit 3: Supply Chain Simulation

  • An interactive supply chain simulation underscores the interaction among the distinct entities within the chain.
  • Experiencing firsthand the functionality (or lack thereof) of a supply chain.
  • Analysis and extracted lessons that resonate with efficient inventory management certification.

Unit 4: Inventory Decisions in Supply Chain

  • Scrutinizing demand patterns and their influence on inventory in supply chain management.
  • The transformative effect of information on the supply chain.
  • Comprehensive inventory management decisions:
    • Selecting appropriate products for stock.
    • Determining optimal stock locations.
    • Quantifying the ideal inventory stockpile.

Unit 5: Linking the Supply Chain Processes

  • Procurement strategies and their relation to supply chain inventory management.
  • Operations that integrate inventory management strategies in the supply chain.
  • Insights into warehousing and distribution within the realm of logistics inventory management.
  • The crucial role of transportation in maintaining an effective inventory in supply chain management.
  • Strategies for returns/recycling in supply chain and inventory management.

Procurement, Logistics & Inventory Management Training Courses
Supply Chain and Inventory Management Training Course (PR)


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