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Negotiating Contracts Effectively Training Course


This recently updated, comprehensive, effective contract negotiation course will enhance delegates' ability to negotiate effectively - a critical competency for internal and external business negotiations. The effective contract negotiation course will equip them with a detailed understanding of the negotiation process and an appreciation of planning a strategy to achieve workable solutions and success.

Participants in the effective contract negotiation course will delve into the key stages of negotiation, consider how disputes arise, and learn the contract negotiation skills required to follow a structured process that leads to results. Delegates will be introduced to different negotiation styles and tactics while acquiring the knowledge to recognize and counteract them effectively.

Contract Negotiation Mastery: Becoming an Expert Negotiator:

The journey to becoming an expert contract negotiator is demanding. Yet, an effective contract negotiation course is essential for professionals who aim to excel in their respective fields. This tailored, effective contract negotiation course offers insights into becoming a contract negotiator who excels in creating value and achieving sustainable agreements.

Through contract negotiation classes and under specialized instruction, participants will hone their analytical and interpersonal abilities, allowing them to navigate complex negotiations with confidence and poise. Whether looking for a foundational contract negotiation course or aiming for contract negotiation certification, our training provides the essential tools and strategies needed to master the art of negotiation within a business context.

Targeted Groups:

  • Personnel from a wide range of 'results-based' business disciplines.
  • Company representatives who are engaged in national and international negotiations.
  • Departmental heads are responsible for driving change through collaboration.
  • Those with a current or planned negotiation with internal and external suppliers or customers.
  • Delegates with experience in negotiating but looking to improve their outcomes.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this contract negotiation training, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate their understanding of the significance of planning and objective setting in contract negotiations.
  • Understand how to use interpersonal skills effectively during a negotiation.
  • Describe how to achieve 'win-win' outcomes within the bargaining process.
  • Identify the causes of disagreements and disputes and prevent escalation.
  • Describe strategies to resolve the causes of disputes and ineffective contract negotiations.

Targeted Competencies:

Upon the end of this effective contract negotiation training course, the participants will be able to improve the following:

  • The key stages and terms used when describing the negotiation process.
  • Strategic planning for effective contract negotiations.
  • Power and communication models used in contract negotiation training.
  • The importance of influencing skills and team dynamics when negotiating contracts.
  • Responding effectively to harsh and aggressive tactics during contract negotiations.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Finding a Collaborative Position When Aiming for Agreement:

  • The framework of a negotiated settlement in contract negotiations.
  • Disputes and the necessity for resolution in contractual contexts.
  • Incorporating negotiation in the contractual resolution process.
  • Distributive vs. integrative approaches to contract negotiation courses.
  • Emotion, understanding, and perceptions in contract negotiations.
  • Ethics and their impact during the contract negotiation process.

Unit 2: Strategic Approaches to Negotiating Required Outcomes:

  • Preparation and goal setting in contract negotiation training seminars to maintain focus.
  • The key stages in planning a contract negotiation course.
  • Information needs and sources of negotiation power in contract negotiations.
  • Establishing positions during the contract negotiation process.
  • Crafting your proposal to open productive discussions.
  • Discussion and importance of timing when closing deals in contract negotiations.

Unit 3: Negotiation Relationships and Team Dynamics:

  • Non-verbal communication and interpreting body language in contract negotiation courses.
  • Communication skill models applied in contract negotiations.
  • Proposals, influence, and persuasion techniques in contract negotiation training.
  • Establishing commitment in contract negotiations.
  • Building an effective negotiating team for contract negotiations.
  • Approaches to managing multi-party contract negotiations.

Unit 4: The Impact of Culture on the Negotiation Process:

  • Understanding interests, positions, and escalation in international contract negotiations.
  • The distinct nature of international contract negotiations.
  • The influence of culture during contract negotiation training.
  • Analyzing stakeholder power and in contract negotiations.
  • Recognizing ploys and tactics and effective responses in contract negotiation classes.
  • Best practices for successful contract negotiation certification obtained through training.

Unit 5: Resolving Differences and Difficult Situations:

  • The role of the negotiator as a mediator in contract negotiation procedural training.
  • Techniques for handling difficult negotiators in contract negotiation classes.
  • Intensive contract negotiation case study.
  • Team allocation and simulation exercises for immersive contract negotiation skills training.
  • The do's and don'ts of negotiating contracts effectively.
  • Improving contract negotiation practices through action planning.

Mastering Legal Negotiation & Contract Management Training Courses
Negotiating Contracts Effectively Training Course (LG)


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