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The Complete Course on Contracts Management Certificate


This comprehensive contracts management certificate course encompasses key concepts and practices central to contract management, aiming to deliver deep insights and develop refined skills in this critical business area and intended to contribute to professional growth. This course is designed for individuals seeking a thorough understanding of contract management frameworks.

As such, the contracts management certificate course includes various contract management training ranging from introductory contract training courses to advanced contract management course materials.

For professionals aspiring to become certified contract managers, this contracts management certificate course is a foundational step toward achieving that goal. It's structured to integrate contract manager training and includes contract management training seminars geared toward practical learning.

Contracts of various types and degrees of complexity underpin commercial and business relationships. Understanding the nuances of different legal systems and contracting processes is paramount in today's global trade environment.

This contracts management certificate course section provides learners with crucial knowledge about what is required of them, the counterparty in a contractual agreement, and the implications of non-compliance.

The Value of Certification in Contract Management

For those seeking official recognition of their expertise in contract management, certification provides a competitive edge and signifies a dedication to professional development. This part of the contracts management certificate course is designed to prepare participants for many contract management certification programs available, ultimately supporting their journey to becoming certified contract managers.

It serves as a certified contract manager course. It provides a certificate in contract management upon completion, aligning with premier contract management certificate programs and contract management certificate program standards.

Targeted Groups

  • Contract administrators, contract professionals, and project coordinators.
  • Specifiers, buyers, purchasing professionals, and procurement officers.
  • Contracts managers.
  • Project managers.
  • Engineers or contract operatives.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this contracts management certificate course, participants will be able to:

  • Improve their understanding of the role of contracts within a business context.
  • Develop confidence in addressing contracting issues.
  • Learn how to develop strategies to enhance commercial outcomes.
  • Incorporate the latest international approaches to dispute resolution.
  • Heighten their awareness of the use of contracts in everyday business dealings.

Targeted Competencies

The contracts management certificate course aims to develop the following competencies:

  • Strategic planning for contract management.
  • Contract selection, drafting, and management.
  • Instruction and management of legal counsel.
  • Commercial management understanding.
  • Risk assessment and management tact.
  • Proficient negotiation skills.
  • Dispute resolution and management.

Course Content

Unit 1: What are Contracts, and how are they Created?

  • The necessity for contractual relationships in business.
  • Essentials for formulating a valid contract, including ingredients and formalities.
  • Delegation of authority and agency.
  • Insights into the tender process.
  • Alternative sourcing.
  • Strategies for making contracts enforceable, focusing on international contexts.

Unit 2: The Structure of Contracts

  • Understanding the form of agreement.
  • The hierarchy of terms and conditions.
  • Exploring different contractual structures.
  • Traditional and modern new contract.
  • Risk and Title (ownership) considerations in international trade and their transfer points.
  • The importance of notices and other formalities.
  • Selection of governing law and jurisdiction.

Unit 3: Collateral Documents

  • Securing performance obligations using supporting documents.
  • Bonds and guarantees.
  • Understanding parent company guarantees.
  • The roles of letters of intent, comfort, or awareness.
  • The significance of insurance policies.
  • Evaluating financial security needs.

Unit 4: Change and Variation

  • The modification of contract documents.
  • Assignment versus novation.
  • Variation clauses and their relationship with the scope of work changes.
  • Defining claims and their origination.
  • Approaches to dealing with delay and disruption.
  • Addressing force majeure scenarios.

Unit 5: Resolving Disputes

  • Methods of conflict avoidance and tiered dispute resolution clauses.
  • The art of negotiation.
  • Litigation procedures.
  • The process of arbitration.
  • Techniques like Mediation, ENE, and other emerging dispute resolution and management best practices.

Mastering Legal Negotiation & Contract Management Training Courses
The Complete Course on Contracts Management Certificate (LG)


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