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Recruitment strategies and methods of separation and discipline


A common mistake made by HR managers is to focus on meeting short-term, rather than long-term, employment needs. This non-strategic approach makes the Organization face painful surprises in the provision of employment in terms of number and characteristics, and makes the Director of Human Resources Department have to deal with a series of successive crises. It is an ineffective approach that makes the organization behave in a reactive manner. This program is an attempt to present an advanced strategy stemming from the recent trends in the selection, recruitment and polarization processes, and a presentation of the systems of establishing the list of sanctions and disciplinary sanctions.

The Objective:

  • Giving participants the ability to develop human resources through attention to modern methods of selection, recruitment.
  • Learn about the latest mechanisms of human resources work methods and identify best practices in performance evaluation.
  • Changing the attitudes of participants towards effective performance and thinking efficiency.
  • Effective design of the basic rules and regulations of the sanctions and sanctions list.
  • Prepare plans of excellence in the performance of human resources management in accordance with the standards of total quality.

The target:

  • Managers and heads of departments.
  • Human Resources Department staff.
  • Interested in training and employment.
  • Legal Affairs and Investigations.

Important concepts in human resources management:

  • The role of human resources in contemporary organizations.
  • Human resources as an effective intellectual capital.
  • The importance of human resources as a competitive entry point for GATT agreements.
  • The most recent trends in human resources management practices.

Human Resources Planning:

  • What is human resources planning.
  • Human Resources Planning Objectives.
  • Modern organizational structure of HR planning data.
  • Advanced methods of forecasting labor needs.
  • Integrated Framework for Human Resources Planning.

Advanced foundations in selection and employment:

  • Objectives for determining selection and recruitment processes.
  • The basic stages of selection and recruitment processes.
  • Modern standards in selection and recruitment processes.
  • Practical and scientific importance of job analysis in recruitment processes.
  • Methods of preparing and reviewing job descriptions and skills necessary for filling positions and selection.
  • Modern mechanisms of selection, recruitment processes.

Financial compensation and disciplinary systems:

  • Traditional methods of job evaluation and wage determination.
  • Modern and effective statistical methods for job evaluation and wage determination.
  • Advanced standards and indicators to be met in the regulation of sanctions.
  • Modern legal view of penal and penal systems (disciplinary systems).
  • Integrated framework for the foundations and standards of disciplinary systems.

Advanced Termination Strategies:

  • Termination of Service.
  • The main and different reasons for termination.
  • Modern methods of dealing with the termination process.
  • Quality standards and ISO systems in determining separation methods.
  • Integrated finalization of terminations.
  • The role of human resources management after completion of separations.

UAE (Dubai)

From 22/12/2019 To 26/12/2019 Price: 2500$
From 1/3/2020 To 5/3/2020 Price: 2500$
From 26/7/2020 To 30/7/2020 Price: 2500$
From 15/11/2020 To 19/11/2020 Price: 2500$

Egypt (Cairo)

From 23/2/2020 To 27/2/2020 Price: 2500$
From 7/6/2020 To 11/6/2020 Price: 2500$

UK (London)

From 22/12/2019 To 26/12/2019 Price: 4500$
From 2/8/2020 To 6/8/2020 Price: 4500$
From 11/10/2020 To 15/10/2020 Price: 4500$

Egypt (Sharm El-Sheikh)

From 28/6/2020 To 2/7/2020 Price: 2500$

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

From 12/1/2020 To 16/1/2020 Price: 3500$
From 29/3/2020 To 2/4/2020 Price: 3500$
From 19/7/2020 To 23/7/2020 Price: 3500$

Turkey (Istanbul)

From 19/1/2020 To 23/1/2020 Price: 3000$
From 16/2/2020 To 20/2/2020 Price: 3000$
From 10/5/2020 To 14/5/2020 Price: 3000$
From 14/6/2020 To 18/6/2020 Price: 3000$
From 12/7/2020 To 16/7/2020 Price: 3000$
From 13/9/2020 To 17/9/2020 Price: 3000$
From 8/11/2020 To 12/11/2020 Price: 3000$

France (Paris)

From 5/1/2020 To 9/1/2020 Price: 4500$
From 5/4/2020 To 9/4/2020 Price: 4500$
From 5/7/2020 To 9/7/2020 Price: 4500$

Switzerland (Geneva)

From 26/1/2020 To 30/1/2020 Price: 4500$
From 15/11/2020 To 19/11/2020 Price: 4500$

Spain (Barcelona)

From 27/9/2020 To 1/10/2020 Price: 4500$

Italy (Rome)

From 9/2/2020 To 13/2/2020 Price: 4500$
From 5/4/2020 To 9/4/2020 Price: 4500$

Manama (Bahrain)

From 16/8/2020 To 20/8/2020 Price: 2500$


From 26/4/2020 To 30/4/2020 Price: 2500$

Kuwait (Kuwait)

From 15/3/2020 To 19/3/2020 Price: 2500$

Spain (madrid)

From 12/4/2020 To 16/4/2020 Price: 4500$
From 17/5/2020 To 21/5/2020 Price: 4500$

Netherlands (Amsterdam)

From 2/2/2020 To 6/2/2020 Price: 4500$
From 21/6/2020 To 25/6/2020 Price: 4500$
From 27/9/2020 To 1/10/2020 Price: 4500$

Germany (Munich)

From 31/5/2020 To 4/6/2020 Price: 4500$

Belgium (Brussels)

From 8/3/2020 To 12/3/2020 Price: 4500$

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