Mastering Human Resources Management Courses and HR Certifications

Effective Human Resources Administrator Course (HR)

Course Introduction Overview

This comprehensive, effective human resources administrator course is meticulously designed for individuals aiming to enhance their Human Resource Management (HRM) skills. The HR administrator course provides a diverse range of topics, from mastering the administration of HRM to gaining expertise as a human resource administrator.

Participants in the human resources administrator course will dive into the intricacies of effective human resource management, focusing on personnel activities, recruitment, training, performance appraisals, and the strategy behind successful HR planning and execution.

Throughout this human resources administrator program, the participants will thoroughly understand how to navigate the complex human resource management and administration landscape. They will emerge from this course with a fundamental grasp of HRM and the potential to achieve HR administrator certification—a testament to their proficiency and readiness to excel in the field.

By integrating proven Human Resource Management and Administration strategies, this unit delves into the critical facets of developing an HR strategic plan that aligns with long-term business goals, fostering a synergistic relationship between business administration, management, and HR.

Embarking on this HR administrator course will enhance your professional capabilities within business administration in human resources management, preparing you for a successful career as a human resource and administration manager.

Targeted Groups

  • HR managers.
  • HR professionals.
  • HR administrators and officers seek to advance their knowledge and HR administration skills.

Course Objective

Upon completion of this HR administrator course, participants will:

  • Understand the work and structure of a modern Human Resource department.
  • Recognize the importance of accurate and accessible HR records.
  • Outline the steps involved in a recruitment campaign.
  • Identify HR requirements for the induction of new employees.
  • Employ various selection and recruitment tools effectively.
  • Assist in planning and administering performance appraisals.
  • Appreciate the advantages of a strategic HR plan.

Targeted Competencies

At the end of this HR administrator certification course, the target audience will be able to develop the following:

  • Deciding and initiating action.
  • Relating and networking.
  • Applying expertise and technology.
  • Following instructions and procedures.
  • Planning and organizing.
  • Achieving goals and objectives.

Course Content

Unit 1: An Overview of The HR Functions

  • Roles and responsibilities of the human resources administrator.
  • Typical HR department structures.
  • Centralized versus distributed HR administrator.
  • The HR service center concept.
  • Where does the HR department fit in the organization?
  • HR jobs and systems.
  • Qualifications to study the professional advancement of a human resources administrator.

Unit 2: Working with Employees and Job Analysis

  • Terms and conditions of employment.
  • Rights and obligations of employers and employees.
  • Health and safety compliance.
  • Employment law adherence.
  • Job analysis techniques.
  • Developing Job descriptions and person specifications.
  • The use and application of Job analysis information.

Unit 3: Recruitment and Selection

  • Strategic HR administrator planning.
  • Recruitment processes.
  • Recruitment sources and methods.
  • Selection process.
  • The application and cvs.
  • Assessment and development centers.
  • Aptitude tests.
  • Psychometric profiling.
  • Reference checking and screening.
  • Contracts and job offers.

Unit 4: Training and Development

  • Fundamentals of training and development.
  • The role of training HR administrator.
  • Induction and basic job training for newcomers employees.
  • The science of adult learning.
  • Principles of learning styles.
  • Training coordinator roles.
  • The training cycle.
  • Validation and evaluation.

Unit 5: Performance Management and the Administration of Pay

  • Introduction to performance management concepts.
  • Conducting effective performance appraisals.
  • Understanding administration requirements.
  • Links to salary increase and bonus.
  • The pros and cons of performance appraisals.
  • Pay and reward, compensation and benefits.
  • Exploring salary structures and bonus schemes.
  • Payroll administration.
  • Personal action planning.

Mastering Human Resources Management Courses and HR Certifications
Effective Human Resources Administrator Course (HR) (HR)


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