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HR - Managing the Training Function (Certified Training Manager)


Recent International developments have seen training elevated in its importance in successful companies. The new task and challenge is to market, run and produce measureable results through all aspects of training. To do this the Training manager has new skills to master and to be in line with the new requirements of the demands of world class companies.

This new program is for Training Managers who need to produce measurable results and who what to get the best from their training functions. This program will explain the paradigm shift that has and is taking place in international training and will provide attendees with the skill, knowledge and confidence to turn any training function into a true power house. You will also find out the new leaderships skills needed for future success and there 6 key indicators.

Highlights of this engaging seminar are:

  • How to prove training can add value to any organisation
  • How to master the new skill set needed by training managers
  • Master training budgets using different software
  • Structure the training function for maximum efficiency and results
  • How to get the best out of people through development & and non conventional training methods
  • How to demonstrate added value and return on training Investment (ROI)
  • Market the training function as a key tool for the organisation


By the end of this seminar delegates will be able to:

  • Master the key techniques of managing the new style training function and beyond
  • Describe the new role of training and be able to carry out effective marketing within your organisation
  • Re-examine the design of the training function to establish the most effective department for your organisation
  • Master budgets and new training soft ware for TNA and financial control - develop a training strategy
  • Understand and be able to implement the new “Training Consultant” approach to solve business issues
  • Be able to Evaluate any training and be able to explain to other and demonstrate the added value role of Training

Training Methodology

The seminar is run by an acknowledged world authority on innovative training. The seminar is based on a combination of interactive activities - group and individual exercises, case studies, skills practice and discussions - along with formal inputs. The environment will be supportive in which individuals with varying degrees of experience will be encouraged to share the approaches they currently use as well as try out new ones that they encounter on the seminar. The expert seminar facilitator will be on hand to answer any questions an individual may have and to act as a facilitator for building and applying new approaches.

Organisational Impact

Impact on the organisation from delegates attending this seminar includes:

  • A results focused training function – able to demonstrate financial returns on training investment
  • Improved results from training within your business
  • New techniques in training strategy that are essential in developing partnership with internal clients
  • The ability to use new end to end processes
  • More focused training and development
  • Evaluation of training programmes to drive up quality and effectiveness

Personal Impact

Attendance at the seminar will result in individuals being better able to:

  • Take training to the next level with exciting new ways of doing things
  • Able to use new consultancy skills
  • Be able to calculate and produce results for any aspect of training
  • Improve their ability to make training a more critical part of a business
  • Demonstrate how training budget should be seen as an investment
  • Master the software that will make any function work more efficiently




The new shape and design of training functions

  • Introduction to the seminar and individuals
  • Objectives
  • Why change anything?
  • How to design effective training functions
  • Calculating how many staff you need
  • What do efficient training functions look like
  • How training activities fit with organisational strategy
  • The six critical leadership skills


The control of data, finances and figures needed for training efficiency

  • Streamlining essential training data
  • Make life easy - understanding basic unit costs - exercise
  • How to put a training plan together from TNA
  • The use of four training codes to make planning very easy
  • TNA - new software - demonstration
  • Mastering training budgets
  • How to compile your budget in under 15 minutes - fun exercises
  • Simple technique - great results - how to prioritise training in difficult circumstances


Evaluating training

  • Definition of added value evaluation
  • Process needed - detailed practical explanation
  • Practical case study - improving productivity
  • Group feedback from case study - lessons learned
  • What to evaluate - good news use a process to do this - demonstration
  • Examples of evaluated training and its value to the organisation
  • Case study example - evaluation in practice
  • Review of case study


New role - The Training Managers as an internal consultant/advisor

  • What is a consultant? - examples of world class consultants
  • Areas which consultancy fits well - examples
  • Where the consultant can add value - exercise Understanding Yourself - participants will have the opportunity of completing either the OPQ32 or the McRay/Costa NEO PI-R personality profile to see their own personality profile (confidential) - subject to course size
  • Self analysis - how do your current skills/behaviours match with the 12 key areas? - exercise
  • Developing the skills - the number one priority if you are going to be successful as a consultant
  • Developing business solutions - practice and case study
  • Review of case study
  • Locking consultancy into TNA and added value results


Techniques that make a big difference

  • Marketing the new training function - exercise
  • Producing key results for the senior management
  • Getting the best from external training providers - writing learning outcome objectives - exercise
  • Resourcing training materials
  • Internal success measurers
  • Making the most of training success - celebrate success regularly
  • Keeping up to date with training innovations –useful resources


Following attendance on the programme delegates are required to complete an assignment:

  • Explain why competency measurements are important for pre and post training use
  • How are Productivity courses coded and list at least 4 courses guaranteed to give added value - with the reason why
  • How do we calculate how many days a trainer is available to train for (include all calculations), and describe how many in house trainers are needed to deliver an annual workload of 18,000 man days

UAE (Dubai)

From 9/2/2020 To 13/2/2020 Price: 2500$
From 24/5/2020 To 28/5/2020 Price: 2500$
From 23/8/2020 To 27/8/2020 Price: 2500$
From 20/12/2020 To 24/12/2020 Price: 2500$

Egypt (Cairo)

From 23/2/2020 To 27/2/2020 Price: 2500$
From 5/7/2020 To 9/7/2020 Price: 2500$
From 1/11/2020 To 5/11/2020 Price: 2500$

Morocco (Casablanca)

From 8/3/2020 To 12/3/2020 Price: 2500$

Jordan (Amman)

From 21/6/2020 To 25/6/2020 Price: 2500$
From 6/12/2020 To 10/12/2020 Price: 2500$

UK (London)

From 3/2/2020 To 7/2/2020 Price: 4500$
From 24/8/2020 To 28/8/2020 Price: 4500$
From 2/11/2020 To 6/11/2020 Price: 4500$

Egypt (Sharm El-Sheikh)

From 15/3/2020 To 19/3/2020 Price: 2500$
From 19/7/2020 To 23/7/2020 Price: 2500$

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

From 26/4/2020 To 30/4/2020 Price: 3500$
From 21/6/2020 To 25/6/2020 Price: 3500$
From 6/9/2020 To 10/9/2020 Price: 3500$

Turkey (Istanbul)

From 22/3/2020 To 26/3/2020 Price: 3000$
From 19/4/2020 To 23/4/2020 Price: 3000$
From 12/7/2020 To 16/7/2020 Price: 3000$
From 13/12/2020 To 17/12/2020 Price: 3000$

France (Paris)

From 5/10/2020 To 9/10/2020 Price: 4500$

Switzerland (Geneva)

From 28/9/2020 To 2/10/2020 Price: 4500$

Spain (Barcelona)

From 9/3/2020 To 13/3/2020 Price: 4500$
From 31/8/2020 To 4/9/2020 Price: 4500$
From 12/10/2020 To 16/10/2020 Price: 4500$

Italy (Rome)

From 27/1/2020 To 31/1/2020 Price: 4500$
From 14/9/2020 To 18/9/2020 Price: 4500$

Manama (Bahrain)

From 16/2/2020 To 20/2/2020 Price: 2500$
From 6/12/2020 To 10/12/2020 Price: 2500$


From 31/5/2020 To 4/6/2020 Price: 2500$

Kuwait (Kuwait)

From 11/10/2020 To 15/10/2020 Price: 2500$

Spain (madrid)

From 11/5/2020 To 15/5/2020 Price: 4500$
From 14/9/2020 To 18/9/2020 Price: 4500$

Singapore (Singapore)

From 16/11/2020 To 20/11/2020 Price: 4500$

USA (Boston)

From 19/4/2020 To 23/4/2020 Price: 5000$

Netherlands (Amsterdam)

From 25/5/2020 To 29/5/2020 Price: 4500$
From 12/10/2020 To 16/10/2020 Price: 4500$

Canada (Toronto)

From 18/5/2020 To 22/5/2020 Price: 5000$

Germany (Munich)

From 17/2/2020 To 21/2/2020 Price: 4500$

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