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Finance and Accounting Courses

Preparation, Analysis and Management of Payroll


The cost of employees in terms of salaries and other benefits is among the largest costs in any company besides the cost of goods sold (cost of sales) and rent and consumption.

 If you work in a production company and this cost is part of the cost of the goods sold or part of the operating costs it has a dual effect on you. Addressing and reporting these costs correctly is the key to analysis and decision-making.

This course begins with an introduction to human resources, accounting, finance, and payrolls. The preparation and calculation of salaries, which include the necessary controls and things to be verified in advance, will be taken to ensure that the data is used correctly. This course also promotes knowledge of the appropriate controls and procedures for the flow of work to achieve better efficiency in the department.

The employee benefits and their impact on the institution will be discussed and how to analyze the salaries and benefits using Excel program, in addition to discussing accounting and internal and external auditing and their relationship with human resources, payrolls, and data that may be requested.

This course emphasizes the need for confidentiality in the payroll section and the need to exchange data with others based on the company's policy. 

Targeted Groups:

  • Payroll Staff
  • Payroll Accountants
  • Account Assistants
  • Payroll Supervisors and Managers
  • HR Professionals and team members who handle payroll as well as employees interested in understanding and applying payroll best practices.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the functions of human resources, accounting, and finance and how to contribute to its success.
  • Prepare monthly salaries and review accurately.
  • Understand the staff returns and their loans and their holidays and reward the end of their service are calculated.
  • Match payroll and auditing in supporting documents for payment.
  • Prepare monthly and annual salary budgets
  • Design periodical reports to payroll management and analysis.

Targeted Competencies:

  • Staff cost control.
  • Preparation and preparation of salaries.
  • Payroll analysis and reporting.
  • Accounting of payrolls and settlement of accounts.
  • Preparing salaries and expenses budget.
  • Balance of expenses and assets.

Course Content:

Unit 1: The Importance of The Payroll Department as a Link:

  • Employment.
  • Retain staff.
  • Development.
  • Introduction to Accounting and Finance.
  • Financial and administrative decisions.
  • Payroll section as a link.
  • The objectives of the Department of payrolls.
  • Controls section of salaries.
  • Policies and procedures of the Department of payrolls.

Unit 2: Preparation and Calculation of Salaries:

  • Determine the correct controls in the payroll section.
  • Determine the correct calculation basis.
  • The risks that lead to the occurrence of errors in salaries.
  • Increases and discounts.
  • Approvals on salaries.
  • Fraud in the payroll department.
  • Fraud prevention in the payroll department.
  • Prepare the payroll.

Unit 3: Loans and Bonuses Employees:

  • Characteristics of loans and salary advances.
  • Control of obtaining loans and rewards.
  • Preparation of loan reports.
  • Compensate for the end of the actual cumulative service.
  • Prepare reward reports.

Unit 4: The Role of Accounting and Auditing Departments:

  • Recording salaries and payroll expenses payable.
  • The registration of the costs of salaries owed on the assets and inventory.
  • Salary settlement with employee accounts.
  • The settlement of liabilities with social security and government agencies.
  • Reconcile payments and bank account.
  • Introduction of internal and external audit.
  • Auditing payroll.

Unit 5: Preparation of Balancing Payrolls:

  • Introduction to the budget.
  • The preparation of the budget for the Department of salaries.
  • Prepare the annual budget for salaries and contributions for the entire company.

Unit 6: Statement of Payrolls and Contributions:

  • Reports on payrolls.
  • Payroll Protection System.
  • Ministry of Labor.
  • Social Insurance.
  • General Organization for Social Insurance in Saudi Arabia (GOSI).
  • General Authority for Pensions and Social Security in the United Arab Emirates (GPSSA).