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Digital media represents one of the most important means of building a reputation and creating a mental image, and it achieves a profound impact on the strength of the brand through the many characteristics that characterize this media, the most important of which are modernization and praise from one person to another, and the ability to make an impact of media resonance and enable individuals to reach the whole world with media content. Rich in text and live image and direct.
The Social Media Specialist is considered one of the 10 fastest growing jobs in the world, and there is almost no organization that does not need employees or a company that manages its accounts on social media and publishes its ads, even remotely. The program aims to prepare a professional social media specialist, professionally and technically, by introducing the work requirements in the social media department and the necessary job skills required to deal with various social networks, managing communication, marketing, and public relations operations, from preparing content, managing electronic campaigns, advertisements, performance measurement, and reporting, as well as providing Participate with standard business tools and models.

Targeted Groups:

  • Responsible for electronic media.
  • Marketing and public relations professionals.
  • Corporate Communications Department employees.
  • Brand management specialists.
  • All who want to work in social media.
  • Anyone who finds himself in need of this course and wants to develop his skills and experience.

Course Objectives

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Prepare a detailed plan for designing and managing an organization's electronic content through social media.
  • Manage all accounts in social media and preparing their respective task schedules and usage controls.
  • Configure the website to allow display tools to interact with social media channels and increase followers.
  • Broadcast media content through social media sites and refer to each other.
  • Manage dialogues and responses with followers, increase, and expand the network of those interested and followers of social media channels.
  • Monitor and follow up on everything that is circulated on the internet about the activity.
  • Building and implementing the necessary measurement mechanisms to know the extent to which the objectives and the return on investment have been achieved.
  • Improving, developing, and preparing new strategies to support the marketing and competitive position based on the measurement outputs.
  • Familiarity with information sources and many electronic tools.

Target competencies:

  • Social media jobs.
  • Prepare a digital content management plan.
  • Design and build digital content.
  • Tactics to increase engagement and expand the network of followers.
  • Customer service management via social media.

Course content

Unit 1: Introduction the concept of digital media:

  • The difference between digital media and electronic media
  • The difference between traditional journalism and digital journalism

Unit 2: The characteristics of digital media:

  • Types of digital media
  • Introducing the economic and regulatory frameworks for digital media
  • Training and familiarization with media editing in digital media
  • The capabilities of information technology and its role in improving the performance of the media
  • Digital media and its importance in the modern era

Unit 3: Digital Media Tools:

  • Managing customer service via social media
  • Planning social media marketing campaigns
  • Use monitoring, follow-up, and analysis tools to measure performance
  • Information network "domestic and international" opportunities and risks
  • Emails and how to deal with them

Unit 4: The art of designing and preparing media materials:

  • Preparing, designing, and managing electronic content via social media
  • Designing and managing social media pages and preparing operating schedules
  • Design and build digital content
  • Prepare a digital content management plan
  • Designing pages for public relations and media on the international information network
  • Using modern media technology and investing it in communicating the media message
  • The art of preparing a public opinion poll and media messages by e-mail
  • Characteristics of public opinion poll/media message
  • Public opinion poll/media message

Unit 5: A follow-up to the effectiveness of the media message:

  • Tactics to increase engagement and expand the network of followers
  • Managing social media channels
  • Preparing databases for public relations and media
  • Social networks and how to use them
  • Global trends of digital media and a review of the most prominent global models in this field
  • Practical and applied cases and workshops

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