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Human Resouces Management Courses (HR)

Manpower Planning, Process Re-engineering and Performance Evaluation


Manpower planning is to develop a plan that shows the best way to plan the workforce. The plan is to conduct a preliminary study to determine the goals of the organization, then study the current situation of employees in the organization, and study the need to strengthen or reduce the workforce in the future according to the future goals of the organization. In view of the organizational structure and the capabilities of the individuals working at the present time, as the analysis will clarify the nature of the jobs in the organization and the lines of promotion between them. Therefore, we at the Smart Business Center prepared a workforce planning program, process re-engineering, and performance effectiveness evaluation.

Target groups:

  • Officials responsible for training, human resources and administrative development in all ministries, institutions and agencies.
  • Coaches, training officers and coordinators.
  • Managers and heads of departments.
  • Human resources management staff.
  • Those interested in training and employment affairs.
  • Anyone who finds themselves in need of this course and wants to develop their skills and experience.

Training objectives:

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Acquiring the skills of drawing up training policies.
  • Preparing training plans.
  • Mastering the methods and methods of evaluating training plans.
  • Designing training programs and centers in a scientifically sound manner that ensures the achievement of excellence through the employees of the Human Resources Department.
  • Learn about modern methods of preparing the organizational structure as an essential step of organizational development and excellence.

Target competencies:

  • Drawing up training work policies in the facility.
  • Types of policies.
  • Decision making.
  • Sections covered by the training plan.
  • Forms required to prepare a training plan.
  • Forecasting of human resources.
  • Methods of creative abilities of employees’ development through training.
  • Modern methods to strengthen opportunities for creativity in the training process.

Course Content

Unit 1: Drawing up policies for training work in the facility

  • Types of policies
  • Conditions to be met in training policies
  • Estimated budget and its relationship to planning and policies

Unit 2: Making Decisions

  • Training strategies
  • Factors to consider when planning training
  • Transform needs into an action plan

Unit 3: Training Plan

  • Forms required to prepare a training plan
  • Review training needs using study and analysis tools
  • Investing in the available capabilities

Unit 4: Training Marketing

  • Dealing with institutions requesting training services and how to provide them
  • Presentations, preparation of trainers, training materials and audio-visual aids
  • Follow-up and evaluation of the training plan
  • Evaluation of the return of the training activity

Unit 5: Forecasting Human Resource Needs

  • Methods of dealing with demand and supply of labor in cases of surplus and deficit
  • The merits to determine the kinds of jobs required
  • Analysis gauges the yield of employment
  • Developed ways to measure the rotation rate of employment
  • The sixth unit, methods of developing the creative abilities of workers through training:
  • Modern methods to strengthen opportunities for creativity in the training process
  • Psychological and behavioral aspects positive for the development of the creative capabilities of workers
  • Objectives and importance of human resource planning
  • HR planning data structure
  • Forecasting labor needs
  • Advanced methods in forecasting the supply of labor
  • Evaluation and conclusion of the program

Human Resouces Management Courses (HR)
Manpower Planning, Process Re-engineering and Performance Evaluation (HR15400)


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