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Six Sigma Black Belt


Although Six Sigma is a disciplined approach for achieving customer expectations and removing flaws in any process, Lean approaches aim to reduce unproductive processes. In order to help you make significant improvements in your firm, This training offers the innovative technique of fusing together both lean and Six Sigma approaches into a seamless certificate curriculum. You will get a thorough general understanding of the theory, components, and implementation of a lean Six Sigma program by completing this course of study. Also, you will learn how to use each analytical tool effectively in order to create, measure, analyze, improve, implement, and manage improvement initiatives.

Course Objectives

  • Set up based on demand
  • Construct lean process flows
  • Employ lean in your business
  • Decrease cycle time by cutting down on wait times
  • Use thorough statistical analysis to handle and analyze data.
  • Manage the procedure to make sure that advancements are made
  • Identify a chance to increase customer happiness
  • Apply the suggested changes.
  • Reduce variation to enhance current processes
  • Measure the essential quality-enhancing features of the process.

Targeted Groups

The following people may benefit from the program:

  • Green Belt holders
  • Senior Leadership (especially if the company intends to implement Lean Six Sigma)
  • Team Captains
  • Professionals with ITSM Process Manager Software
  • Project Directors
  • Quality Control Engineers
  • Quality Assurance for Software Group Members
  • Student managers

Course Content

Week 1: Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma (Total: 20 hours)

Day 1: Overview of Lean and Six Sigma (4 hours)
Day 2: History and Evolution (4 hours)
Day 3: Lean Principles and Tools (4 hours)
Day 4: DMAIC Methodology Overview (4 hours)
Day 5: Define Phase: Project Selection and Charter (4 hours)

Week 2: Measure Phase (Total: 20 hours)

Day 6: Data Collection and Measurement System Analysis (MSA) (4 hours)
Day 7: Process Mapping and Analysis (4 hours)
Day 8: Measurement and Data Analysis Tools (4 hours)
Day 9: Basic Statistics and Probability (4 hours)
Day 10: Advanced Statistical Analysis (4 hours)

Week 3: Analyze Phase and Lean Tools (Total: 20 hours)

Day 11: Hypothesis Testing and Root Cause Analysis (4 hours)
Day 12: Design of Experiments (DOE) (4 hours)
Day 13: Lean Tools and Value Stream Mapping (4 hours)
Day 14: Kaizen Events and Process Optimization (4 hours)
Day 15: Advanced Problem Solving (4 hours)

Week 4: Improve and Control Phases (Total: 20 hours)

Day 16: Lean Implementation and Error Proofing (4 hours)
Day 17: Solution Implementation and Change Management (4 hours)
Day 18: Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Control Plans (4 hours)
Day 19: Monitoring and Sustaining Improvements (4 hours)
Day 20: Project Review and Certification (4 hours)

Unlock Expertise with Quality Management & ISO Training Courses
Six Sigma Black Belt (QA15374)


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