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Oil and Gas Engineering Training Courses

Abandonment of Production Areas: Dismantling and Disposal


Decommissioning and dismantlement are the final stages of an asset's natural lifecycle, which brings with it a number of challenges for both operator and regulator. Through early planning and preparation stage we can ensure that the plans for decommissioning are being made in accordance with its Decommissioning Strategy that achieves safe, timely and environmentally sound decommissioning.

Targeted Groups:

  • Engineers
  • Safety Officers
  • Superintendents
  • Vessel Managers
  • Technical Managers

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate Environmental Risks
  • Plan Decommissioning Effectively
  • Learn Management of Waste
  • Understand Safety Cases
  • Evaluate Dismantlement Safety Case Framework
  • Regulate of Offshore Oil and Gas Waste

Course Content:

Unit 1: Preparation for Decom and Late Life Operations

  • Decommissioning Strategy
  • Supply Chain Action Plan guidance
  • Decommissioning Technology
  • Decommissioning Roadmap
  • NSTA Energy Pathfinder
  • HSE Offshore Health and Safety Law
  • Regulation of Offshore Oil and Gas Waste
  • Regulatory Position Statement on Offshore Regulation of Radioactive Substances
  • Scope of Radioactive Substances Regulation Offshore
  • Duty of Care - A Code of Practice

Unit 2: Well Plug and Abandonment (P&A)

  • Well P&A consents
  • Well P&A Technology
  • OSDR Wells Notifications
  • OSDR Wells Guidance

Unit 3: Cleaning and Making Safe

  • Safety Case Competent Authority
  • Safety Case Guidance
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Environmental Legislation
  • Understanding the Definition of Waste
  • Classification and Assessment of Waste
  • Decommissioning of Non-Nuclear Facilities

Unit 4: Offshore Dismantling and Removal

  • Pipeline Works Authorizations
  • Dismantlement Safety Case Framework
  • Safety Case Competent Authority Portal
  • Safety Case Topic Specialist Assessment Templates and Guidance
  • Offshore Pipelines Health and Safety Guidance
  • Decommissioning Programme Progress Report Template
  • Transfrontier Shipment of Waste
  • Determining the Controls on Waste Exports
  • Exporting Recyclable Waste for Recovery in non-OECD Countries
  • Shipment of Wastes Which Contain Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
  • Management of End-of-life Smoke Detectors
  • Reuse Activities and Waste Regulations 

Unit 5: Onshore Dismantling and Removal

  • Construction Design and Management
  • Regulation of Offshore Oil and Gas Waste
  • The Water Environment (Controlled Activities) Regulations
  • Waste Management
  • Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC)
  • End of Waste Regulation for Scrap Metals: The Requirements for Scrap Metals to Cease to be Waste
  • Radioactive Substances Activities

Oil and Gas Engineering Training Courses
Abandonment of Production Areas: Dismantling and Disposal (EO15350)


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