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Business Intelligence with Power BI


You will learn the basics of Power BI's capabilities in this course, "Getting Started with Power BI." You'll first discover how fast and simply you can collect data from many sources, then quickly and simply clean and transform that data with a few clicks. You'll then discover how to improve the outcomes by combining several data sources and including straightforward computations. Then, you'll discover how to use straightforward dashboards and visualizations to investigate your data.By the time you finish this Power BI training, you'll be well-versed in the fundamental abilities needed to use Power BI to gather and convert data, improve the data for analysis, and create reports and dashboards.

Targeted Groups

Anyone interested in learning Power BI to analyze and visualize data effectively. This Power BI training is ideal  if you want to gather, convert, and enhance data in order to create useful reports and dashboards.

Course Objectives

  • You will learn about Power BI in this course, which covers subjects like:
  • Power BI report viewing
  • Obtaining information from files, databases, and the web
  • data purification and transformation
  • Utilizing rows, columns, and queries
  • data modeling for analysis
  • Making connections with Power BI Desktop
  • improving, displaying, and updating the data

Course Content

Unit 1: Introducing Power BI

  • Learning More About Power BI
  • Making Datasets from Data Models and Data Files Exploring Datasets with Quick Insights Viewing Reports
  • Investigating a Power BI Dashboard's History
  • Using Power BI Desktop with Excel to Select a Development Tool

Unit 2: Getting Data

  • Data Collection Data Collection Databases
  • Accessing Databases for Data (Excel)
  • Internet and other resources
  • Software as a Service and Azure
  • Manual Entry

Unit 3: Data transformation

  • Query renaming
  • Combining queries Fixing Metadata Append
  • Rows Filtering
  • Columns are Gone
  • Combining queries Merge
  • Inserting a Column

Unit 4: Modeling Data for Analysis

  • Modeling Data for Analysis
  • Creating Relationships
  • Defining New Columns
  • Concatenating Columns
  • Performing a Lookup to a Related Table
  • Translating a Value
  • Adding a Date Table

Unit 5: Improve the Data Model

  • Improved Data Models
  • Laying Out Hierarchies
  • Setting Up Properties
  • Setting New Standards

Unit 6: Displaying data

  • Data Visualization
  • Adding Visuals
  • Slicer Filtering
  • Highlighting
  • Setting Properties

Unit 7: Updating Data

  • Using the Power BI Gateway to Refresh Imported Data and Publishing Datasets
  • Understanding Power BI Gateway for Businesses

Strategic Business IT Planning, Deployment & Management Courses
Business Intelligence with Power BI (B)


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