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Management & Leadership Training Courses

Research Project Management


This course provides hands-on training on Project Management. Participants will get an introduction to project and program management as well as comprehensive coverage of project planning, control, and scheduling concepts. The course includes practical working models that create and track the entire project through to completion. The course covers MS project software functions which are used to ensure that the project runs as planned, objectives are achieved and the project is completed according to specifications, on time and on budget.

Target Groups:

•    Project Managers
•    Project Schedulers 
•    Project Controllers
•    Researchers

Course Objectives:

The course objectives cover project management basics and the research methodology used in project management.

Training Methodology:

Training is undertaken through lectures assisted by audio-visual presentations. Trainee participation is ensured through assignments, role-plays.  
Case studies also will be discussed to help the audience about the training content. Trainees are also encouraged to share experiences from their workplace, and these are discussed in detail by the trainer to encouraging experiential learning.

Targeted Competencies:

-    Project Management Skills
-    Research Project Methodology 
-    Using \\ Understanding MS project Application 

Course Content:

Unit1: Understanding the Essentials

-    Project life cycles and knowledge management
-    Process groups and phases of a project
-    Project initiation and knowledge needs
-    Project planning and knowledge management
-    Project execution and knowledge needs
-    Monitoring and controlling processes and the related knowledge needs
-    Project closing processes and knowledge management

Unit 2: Analyzation

-    Scheduling using Critical Path Method (CPM)
-    Using SPI/CPI to Analyze Project Efficiency
-    Using SPI/CPI to Calculate Estimate to Complete (ETC)
-    Methods of Performance Factors
o    WBS and Work Packages
o    Gantt Chart and PERT
-    Project Baselines

Unit 3: Project Management

-    Project Execution Management and Control
-    Progress Tracking and Monitoring
-    Establishing effective measures 
-    Measurement pitfalls
-    Progress Control Charts – Trend Analysis
-    Project Variance Analysis and Quantification
-    Earned Value Analysis

Unit 4: Planning

-    How to Plan a Research Study
-    Types of Studies in Clinical Research
o    Part I: Observational Studies
o    Part II: Interventional Studies

Unit 5: Ethics

-    Ethics in Medical Research
-    Literature Review, Tracking the Best Evidence, and Literature Search
-    How to Write a Scientific Paper

Management & Leadership Training Courses
Research Project Management (ML15306)


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