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Secretary & Office Management Courses

The Senior Secretary Development Program


Senior Secretarial Development Program Training courses are focused on helping senior secretaries and clerks develop the skills and competencies. Officer secretaries and clerks are generally very hardworking, well-educated, and skilled individuals. Others may perceive their role as less important. This training course helps participants understand how important and critical their role is to the smooth functioning of the business and helps them take pride in their profession.Training courses also focus on developing participants' confidence, communication skills, and presentation skills.

Course Objectives

The purpose of attending this Oxford Management Center training course is to enable participants to:

  • Evaluate and identify valuable skills for senior secretaries
  • Understand how to develop personal strengths
  • Manage your time and your boss's time more effectively
  • Perform better at work using good communication strategies
  • Create effective presentations
  • Resolve conflicts and motivate people

Targeted Groups:

  • Secretaries
  • Office Administrators
  • Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants
  • Administrative Professionals and Support Staff
  • Production and Marketing Professionals
  • Anyone wishing to increase or update their awareness and understanding of finance and accounting methods and terminology
  • This highly interactive training course is suitable for a wide range of management professionals, but especially for:

Course Outline

Unit 1: Role definition and development

  • Executive PA – key partnership with management
  • Defining Your Role's Responsibilities and Authority - Prejudice and Prejudice
  • Identify opportunities to expand your role and create opportunities to expand your responsibilities
  • Developing the Management Aspect of Your Role - Basic Management Skills
  • Development Planning - Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles to Success
  • Understand your own and others' personalities and subsequent behavior

Unit 2: Effective Communication

  • Engage and network with others to succeed - see yourself and be heard
  • Develop and facilitate relationships with managers/directors
  • Improve Communication Skills - Negotiate, Influence, Persuade, Delegate consensus

Unit 3: Build Trust

  • Trust Your Initiative and Judgment
  • Say "no" constructively
  • Tools for problem solving and decision making
  • Team Roles and Interaction with Others
  • video presentation skills
  • Individual & Team Exercise Tantrics & Color Blindness

Unit 4: Development and Improvement of Key Competencies

  • Enhanced self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Practice effective time management skills
  • Focus, think, listen and make decisions under pressure
  • Conflict management
  • improve your memory
  • Video conflict management
  • Building Leadership Practices

Unit 5: Get results

  • Benefit from Key Motivational Techniques - Motivate Yourself, Your Employees, and Your Boss
  • Achievement of results by others
  • Coping with the stress and pressure associated with change and challenges
  • Measure performance against goals, standards and established and achieved responsibilities
  • Preparation for development
  • Action plan


  • Welcome and Introduction & Introduce session aims and objectives
  • Define an office and state the specific functions of an office
  • Office planning and layout
  • The organizing: accessibilities, responsibilities, qualifications.
  • Attributes and Responsibilities of office manager and his team.
  • Discussion Q&A
  • Homework


  • Quick review of the last session
  • Homework solution
  • Introducing session objectives
  • Information resources & tools
  • Filing and indexing
  • Filing equipment
  • Discussion Q&A
  • Homework


  • Quick review of the last session
  • Homework solution
  • Introducing session objectives
  • ERM Business Drivers
  • Capture, Metadata, Classification
  • Information Governance
  • ERM Technology Solutions
  • ERM Standards
  • Discussion Q&A
  • Homework


  • Quick review of the last session
  • Homework solution
  • Introducing session objectives
  • Communication and its components
  • Barriers to communication
  • 7 C’s of effective communication
  • Nonverbal communication and body language
  • Time management
  • Discussion Q&A
  • Homework


  • Quick review of the last session
  • Homework solution
  • Introducing session objectives
  • Office management planning
  • Office task management (using mind mapping &Gantt chart).
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Effective Meeting Management
  • Working with more than one manager
  • Discussion Q&A
  • General review
  • Closing the session and thanking the participants & Granting certificates and congratulate them.

Secretary & Office Management Courses
The Senior Secretary Development Program (SO15278)


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