The Best Healthcare and Hospital Management Training Courses

Foundations of Telehealth


Telemedicine has proven itself to be an important part of the future of healthcare. In this course, students will be introduced to the key components 
and considerations needed to design and implement a successful telemedicine program at both the practice and health system levels. The course emphasizes 
operational design principles and highlights a team-based approach. Key content areas include clinical considerations, patient safety, technology needs, 
patient satisfaction, legal, government affairs, regulatory and compliance, and billing considerations.

Targeted Groups:

  • Healthcare Senior Managers
  • Departments Heads
  • Clinical Sections’ Heads
  • Other Healthcare professionals

Course Content:

Unit 1: A Primer on Telemedicine

  • History and Landscape
  • Telemedicine Modalities
  • Integrated Structure
  • WHO Taxonomy
  • Command Center Tour

Unit 2:Health System Strategy and Telemedicine Operations

  • Ambulatory Strategy
  • Provider Engagement
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Support Workflow Process
  • Staffing Models
  • Program Coordination
  • Project Management

Unit 3:Billing, Regulatory and Legal Considerations

  • Getting Patients Ready
  • Training and Education
  • Legal Roundtable
  • Government Affairs
  • Rules of the Road to Recovery
  • Revenue Cycle

Unit 4:Future of Telemedicine

  • Assessing for Service vs. Value-Based Care
  • Key Metrics / Dashboard Reporting
  • Research / Evaluation
  • Wrap Up / Look to the Future

The Best Healthcare and Hospital Management Training Courses
Foundations of Telehealth (HL)


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