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Aviation Statistical Analysis - And Forecasting Techniques


The training course will emphasize applications of Statistical Analysis and Forecasting Techniques in management practice; focus on a clearer understanding of how to integrate quantitative practical sessions and workshops to improve scientific aviation analytical skills.

Targeted Groups:

  • Airline and airport staff related to the management of statistical studies.
  • Staff conducting planning and forecasting studies.
  • Airport and Airline operations and management staff.
  • Airport & airline – inspectors.

Course Objectives:
At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand Air Transport principles and develop the required skills to understand the ICAO statistics program.
  • Learn about the Airport System Components.
  • Learn Principles governing international statistical activities and the methods of calculating airport performance measures.
  • Learn and practice Descriptive statistics principles & Forecasting techniques: linear and multiple regressions.
  • Be familiar with ICAO & ACI forms.
  • Understand the skills of Presenting Data in Tables and Charts using. Computers: (Microsoft Excel) & Forecasting techniques e.g. linear and multiple regressions.
  • Conduct forecasting for the Aviation traffic.

Targeted Competencies:

  • The method of calculating the airport performance measures & the airline unit cost.
  • Forecasting linear and multiple regressions.
  • Air Transport principles, ICAO & ACI forms & ICAO statistics program.
  • Principles governing international statistical activities.
  • Descriptive statistics principles & Presenting Data in Tables and Charts using Computers: (Microsoft Excel).

Course Content:

Unit 1: Aviation Statistical Principles:

  • Course Introduction
  • Overview of the Air Transport Industry
  • Aviation System Components
  • Introduction and Data Collection
  • Using MS Excel S/W in Data Analysis
  • Presenting Data in Tables and Charts Numerical Descriptive Measures

Unit 2: ICAO Statistics Program:

  • Main Terms Used in Civil Aviation Statistics
  • The Statistics Program of the International Civil Aviation Organization
  • Commercial Air Carrier Statistics
  • Principles Governing International Statistical Activities (UNO)
  • Economic and Air Transport Indicators

Unit 3: Aviation Data Processing and Dissemination:

  • Forecasting Timeframe & Forecasting Techniques
  • Statistical Parameters Definitions
  • Practical Example of Time Series  Models with Excel
  • Introduction to Regression Analysis
  • Polynomial Trend Analysis

Unit 4: Statistical Reporting Guide:

  • Development of an Econometric Model
  • Summary of the ICAO Statistics Programme
  • Commercial Air Carrier Statistics
  • Airport Statistics
  • Statistics on En-route Facilities and Services
  • State Aviation Statistics

Unit 5: ICAO Forms for CAA & Service Providers:

  • Air Transport Reporting Forms for Airports
  • Air Transport Reporting Forms for ANSP
  • Air Transport Reporting Forms for Air Carriers Part I & II
  • Best Practices in Survey Design, Data Collection, and in Estimating Missing Data
  • Economic Statistics, the ACI Airport Economics Survey, and Airport User Charges

Aviation & Airports Management Training Courses
Aviation Statistical Analysis - And Forecasting Techniques (AV)


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