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TQM in Public Relations & Customer Service


Every institution or company seeks to attract the largest number of customers and beneficiaries, and this only comes with a clear reading of the market and then developing its product according to the requirements of that market, then comes the marketing stage and public relations play an important role in showing the product or service in the best possible image This program is concerned with developing the skills and capabilities of the Public Relations Manager. Therefore, this program provides a set of training and concepts necessary to build constructive relationships inside and outside the institution, based on scientific foundations in building and planning this relationship and studying the extent of the institution’s status in the hearts of employees on the one hand and the surrounding community as well. The program is concerned with providing the relationship man with communication skills and effective communication with others as one of the elements for building relationships and what are the means to improve the internal structure of the institution and the network of formal and informal relationships. The program is also concerned with providing the trainee with the skills required to present introductory presentations and to negotiate to build partnerships with relevant institutions through business meetings, induction offers, and the conclusion of cooperation and partnership agreements.

Targeted Groups:

  • Leadership and supervision positions employees.
  • Heads of administrative departments.
  • Human resource department staff.
  • All secretarial departments.
  • Personnel working in administrative, financial and technical affairs, public relations management, and the public registry.
  • Employees to be prepared for future secretarial positions.
  • Anyone who finds himself in need of this course and wants to develop his skills and experience.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Study the internal structure of the institution and then plan to improve the internal relations of the institution.
  • Analyze and classify the external environment and then draw up a strategy for communication and partnership with the relevant authorities.
  • Diagnose the problems faced by the employee and then develop an individual program for the employee's integration into the work environment.
  • Present persuasive presentations about his organization and skillfully conduct dialogues to complete partnership and cooperation agreements with other institutions.
  • Prepare the public relations staff to exercise their roles within the organization through building communication and influence strategies.

Targeted Competencies:

  • Public Relations Management
  • Communication and Impact Strategies
  • Receptionist Skills
  • Building a Solid Internal Network
  • Segmentation Strategy
  • Presentation of Commercial Offers
  • The Ability to Deal with Others and Motivate Them

Course Contents:

Unit 1: Public Relations Management:

  • Public relations goals
  • The chain of relationships within organizations
  • The individual's attitude towards himself and others.
  • Foundations of building public relations.
  • The art of media and the role of public relations
  • Public Relations with Competing Institutions
  • Public Relations Values Monitoring and measuring the extent of interdependence and communication within the organization Information broadcast channels
  • Mind map and information filters
  • Planning to build distinctive relationships for the organization.

Unit 2: Communication and Impact Strategies:

  • The five dimensions of communication.
  • Contact activation form
  • Administrative Communication Networks
  • Communication skills and information systems
  • Communication Obstacles
  • Abilities and hierarchy
  • Behavior, environment, and hierarchy
  • Harmony Cross Match

Unit 3: Receptionist Skills:

  • Auditory communication skills (the art of listening)
  • Telephone interpersonal skills
  • How do you plan to call?

Unit 4: Building a Solid Internal Network:

  • Formal and informal relationships
  • Hot Group (HG)
  • The relationship between bosses and employees
  • Building opinion polls on job satisfaction
  • Preparing the new employee to integrate into the work environment  
  • Conflict of interest between individuals and the institution (how to compose and compose).

Unit 5: Segmentation Strategy:

  • Public
  • Detail
  • Analogue

Unit 6: Presentation of Commercial Offers:

  • Design interesting presentations
  • Influential speech elements
  • Dealing with different types of audience
  • Motion display techniques
  • Voice Activation Techniques as an Influence Tool
  • Modern display techniques
  • Contract with related institutions
  • Starring role
  • Managing dialogue and discussion.

Unit 7: The Ability to Deal with Others and Motivate Them:

  • Dealing with embarrassing situations
  • Abilities in the art of dealing with others
  • Recognize the distant utilitarian goal of negative behavior
  • Analysis of human motivations
  • Organizations as a social system
  • Needs as drivers of behavior
  • Psychological and non-psychological motivation
  • Autonomous control and external control
  • Self-leadership model

Customer Service Training & Certification Courses
TQM in Public Relations & Customer Service (CS)


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