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HR Management Courses

Advanced Soft Skills Training

Unit 1: The Power of Self-Awareness and the Importance of Perception:

  • Understanding yourself, your audiences, and the power of perception.
  • Identify Your Personality Type and How It Impacts Your Use of the Five Keys of Effective Communication.
  • Identifying your communication style and its impact.
  • Identify others’ types and how style differences impact communication.
  • Using style knowledge to identify flexing strategies.
  • Describe How Our Perceptions of Others Can Impact Communications

Unit 2: The Three Vs of Communication – Vocal, Verbal, Visual:

  • Describe the Impact of Three Vs on Communication Perceptions.
  • Understanding how each of the 3 Vs affects perception.
  • Demonstrating how non-verbal behavior affects perception.
  • Apply Three Vs to Your Own Communication Planning.
  • Effective Listening and Building Rapport
  • Demonstrate Effective Questioning and Listening Skills to Build Rapport

Unit 3: Empathy:

  • Review how to sharpen your senses to the signals others are sending you
  • Communicating first impressions
  • The secrets of body language
  • How we communicate
  • Filters to communication
  • Understanding the science of lying
  • Learning Styles
  • Modeling – how others do things

Unit 4: How Leaders Build Effective Interpersonal Interactions:

  • Characteristics of interpersonal interaction for individuals
  • Identification of the personal interaction styles
  • Individual strengths and challenges of interpersonal interaction styles
  • Successful interpersonal interaction develops trust
  • Stages of team development and the supervisor’s role in each
  • Understanding how people work better using varied interaction types

Unit 5: Developing Personal and Work Group Improvement Plans:

  • Encouraging innovation and improvement as a supervisor
  • Understanding interpersonal work group dynamics
  • Identification of change processes and human change
  • Dealing with people who do not want to change
  • Developing an action plan for personal and workgroup improvement

Unit 6: Mental Skills of Job Leaders:

  • Identify and master analytical skills.
  • Applied training on Concept search skills.
  • Theoretical skills.
  • Training in analytical thinking for artistic creativity.
  • Learn about critical thinking skills and mastery.
  • Training in the concept of decision-making ability and its relationship to critical thinking.
  • Determine career goals.
  • Systematic planning for operational stages.
  • Professional delegation skills and the nature of administrative orders.
  • The importance of setting material goals and procedural plans for employees.
  • Compare the previous types of thinking with the nature of creative thinking.
  • Training in creative sense skills and their reflection on successful managerial leadership.
  • Define long-term strategic goals.
  • The skills of setting group goals are the focus of the attention of teams.
  • How to evaluate facts, choose assistants, and learn about staff natures.
  • The importance of setting material goals and procedural plans for employees.

Unit 7: Building an Emotionally Intelligent Team based on Psychological Principles:

  • Importance of EQ to team effectiveness
  • Motivating a high-performance team
  • Building unified teams
  • EQ for building trusting relationships
  • Conflict resolution for promoting consensus & collaboration
  • Increase the EQ of your teams & entire organization

Unit 8: Shaping Behaviour and Managing Culture:

  • The development of values (and the link to competencies)
  • Motivation
  • Extrinsic and Intrinsic Reward
  • Empowerment and Accountability
  • Right-sizing
  • Self Assessment
  • 360-degree feedback

HR Management Courses
Advanced Soft Skills Training (HR15219)


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