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Developing Core Skills for Banks Administrators & Secretaries


This course aims to help you develop the skills needed to be effective at work.

It teaches powerful approaches to handling information (including techniques for quickly finding key points in what you are reading) and gives great tips on how to organize your thoughts and get your point across in emails, meetings, interviews, and presentations, You’ll also learn strategies for dealing with difficult people and organizing your time to better achieve results

Targeted Groups:

  • Anyone wanting to raise personal efficiency levels and improve the effectiveness
  • People who want to succeed in an office environment
  • All staff working in groups and project teams
  • Anyone wanting ideas for handling information overload in daily life

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Improve their effectiveness at work
  • Take them to the next stage inefficient reading and note-making techniques
  • Update their thinking about managing time and planning for results
  • Build their confidence in their ability to remember things
  • Help them improve inter-personal communications and team working skills

Targeted Competencies:

  • Techniques for handling information and getting your point across
  • Improving communications with “difficult” people
  • Dealing with “time stealers”
  • The concept of results-oriented time management
  • How you can be more effective in your reading, note-making and memory skills

Course Content:
Unit 1: Improve Your Effectiveness at Work: Better Reading and Note-Making:

  • Your Brain Skills
  • How to be a 'Successful' Reader
  • How Mastering Note-making Skills Can Help Your Career
  • Mind-mapping is a Note-making, Planning, Thinking and Memory Tool
  • Mind-mapping software

Unit 2: Memory Magic: How to Remember Things?

  • Your Memory Potential (How good is your memory?)
  • Memory Systems Explained (The Power of Stories and Imagination)
  • Remembering Names
  • Memory at Work
  • Remember What You Read (Strategies for Fast, Effective Reading)

Unit 3: Better Working with Other People:

  • Barriers to Effective Communications
  • Strategies for Improving Communications with “Difficult” People
  • The Powerful Influence of ‘Body Language’: Speaking without Words
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback: The Risks and the Benefits
  • Getting Your Point Across: Know What to Say and When to Say It

Unit 4: Results-oriented Time Management Strategies:

  • Identifying and Dealing with Time-wasters
  • Handling Interruptions (How to protect your productive time?)
  • Planning (What you have to do?)
  • Prioritization (What you must do first?)
  • Save Time When Planning a Presentation

Unit 5: Using Core Skills at Work:

  • Making a Presentation
  • Thinking and Working in Teams
  • How We Learn – and What We Need To Do to Avoid Forgetting
  • Tips for Handling Information Overload at Work

Top Banking Certification Courses
Developing Core Skills for Banks Administrators & Secretaries (BA)


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