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TQM for Training Activities in Banks


The growing interest in the concept of human capital as a primary source of sustainable competitive advantage has led to an increase in awareness of the importance of training, development, and strengthening activities.

The global standardization revolution has also pushed organizations to implement comprehensive quality projects for the improvement and development of training activities to improve the competencies of individuals and thus the quality of organizational outputs.

This program discusses the importance of training as a strategic component of performance. It is also concerned with reviewing a clear action plan to raise the quality of training activities to reach the highest return on investment from these activities.

Targeted Groups:

  • Human Resource Managers.
  • High Administrative Levels Employees.
  • HR Planning Staff.
  • Human Resources Affairs Staff.
  • Human Resources Staff
  • Training, Human Resources, and Administrative Development Officials in All Ministries, Institutions, and Agencies.
  • People who find themselves in need of this course and want to develop their skills and experiences.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Build the training strategy according to the comprehensive quality methodology.
  • Realize the benefits of training management in the organization’s administrative system.
  • Identify the concept of training and development based on individual merit.
  • Measure the training needs in the modern concept.
  • Lead and manage quality initiatives in various fields.
  • Review the international standard ISO 10015.
  • Apply the actual procedures for achieving the international standard 10015.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Training as a Strategic Concept:

  • Defining the concept of modern strategic training
  • Training benefits for the individual and the organization
  • Training needs analysis
  • The basics of measuring training needs
  • Skills of designing and arranging scientific materials
  • Mechanisms for providing training
  • Training evaluation process
  • Evaluation, evaluation, and reinforcement in the training process
  • Learn about the types and methods of training.

Unit 2: Concepts in Total Quality:

  • Aspects and dimensions of quality
  • Elements of a comprehensive quality system
  • Kaizen concept.
  • Tools in Quality (5S, Turtle Diagram, Fishbone Diagram)
  • Costs of quality.

Unit 3: Leading and Managing The Quality Initiatives:

  • The concept of situational leadership
  • Leadership or management
  • Leader
  • Followers
  • Leading quality teams

Unit 4: Competencies and Training Plans Stock:

  • Forecasting human resource needs
  • Enhancing the stock of competencies through training plans
  • Promote replacement schemes using training plans

Unit 5: ISO (10015) Application:

  • What is ISO?
  • The ISO standard is an end or a means.
  • ISO culture, organizational culture, and organizational transformation.
  • Transformation projects and ISO projects
  • Review of ISO (10015) requirements.

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TQM for Training Activities in Banks (BA)


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