Oil and Gas Engineering Training Courses

Well Integrity design, Analysis and Management


In-depth training course in directional drilling that teaches everything related to drilling directional well. Participants will learn about wellbore positioning, how to perform survey calculation, and familiarize themselves with survey tools and measurements. Positioning the well inside the reservoir requires participants to understand survey quality and reservoir target sizing. Drilling technology is advancing quickly; in this part, the training participants will be exposed to the latest technologies in directional drilling and what is the best for their well. Directional well requires extensive planning; this is the part where participants well understand the different engineering practices and calculations that go into the directional well from well planning to BHA design to hydraulics and torque and drag calculations. The last part talks about the execution stage where participants will learn how to directionally drill a well with both steerable motor and rotary steerable systems to position the well in the sweet spot of the reservoir.

Targeted Groups:

  • Drilling Engineers
  • Drilling Superintendents
  • Drillers
  • Well site Drilling Engineers

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand in detail what goes into well designing and well engineering execution.
  • Drilling a well, from planning to execution.
  • Learn how to follow the right procedures to drill a well safely inside the reservoir and achieve better well economics overall.
  • This course builds a firm foundation of the principles and practices of well engineering under the aspect of well integrity.
  • A comprehensive overview of past and actual well integrity strategies will be shown and supported through schematics and animations.
  • Calculations will be used to help you understand the relationship between well integrity and good engineering practice.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Well Barriers and Their Principles:

  • Definition of a well barrier
  • Well integrity
  • Overview of industry standards and government regulations
  • Principles, schematics, and element acceptance criteria

Unit 2: Well Design Integrity:

  • Offset well analysis
  • Kick tolerance
  • Casing Seat selection
  • Casing design
  • Mud and cementing design

Unit 3: Well Barrier Verification and Preventative well control:

  • Reasons of well integrity failures
  • Reactions to well integrity case
  • Well integrity equipment and calculations
  • Standards and procedures
  • Case study (Macondo well/BP)

Unit 4: Well Integrity Management Systems:

  • WIMS
  • Operational phase well integrity
  • Well risk management
  • Hazard analysis, emergency response, and management of change
  • Documentation, handover, and recordkeeping

Oil and Gas Engineering Training Courses
Well Integrity design, Analysis and Management (EO)


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