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Transient Well Test Analysis


The course covers well test objectives and concepts; classical methods for drawdown and build-up analysis, gas well testing, IPR & AOF analysis, well test validation. The course first introduces the purpose of well testing and the basic methodology. Essential reservoir rock and fluid properties which are essential for analyzing well tests will be reviewed and the theory and fundamental equations are covered before introducing specific analysis techniques for oil and gas reservoirs. Operational aspects are covered in terms of sampling and the use of specialized testing equipment.

Targeted Groups:

Reservoir and Production Engineers

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Downhole and surface Testing Equipment.
  • Well Testing Sequence and Data Validation.
  • Gas well Test Sequences and Analysis Procedures.
  • Oil Well Testing.
  • Well Test Design.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Introduction to Well Testing:

  • Purpose of Well Testing.
  • Reservoir & Rock Properties.
  • Reservoir Fluid
  • Basic Well Test Theory.

Unit 2: Objectives of Well testing, Equipment, and Processes Used:

  • Downhole and Surface Equipment
  • Downhole Data Monitoring
  • Sampling - Surface, and Downhole
  • Well Testing Sequence and Data Validation Typical Well Test Sequence with Critical
  • Parameters and Quality Control.

Unit 3: Principles of Pressure Transient Analysis:

  • Flow Regime Identification.
  • Validation and Analysis for Mobility and Skin.
  • Effects of Boundaries.
  • Reporting.

Unit 4: Gas Well Test Sequences and Analysis Procedures:

  • Isochronal, Back-pressure Gas Well Tests - their Uses and Objectives.
  • Rate Dependent Skin, its Calculation, and Impact
  • Exercises in Analysis of Gas Well Test Data
  • IPR & AOF Analysis.

Unit 5: Practical Oil Well Testing:

  • Well Test Design
  • Transient Wireline Testing
  • Worked Example of Buildup Interpretation for Vertical Oil Well

Oil and Gas Engineering Training Courses
Transient Well Test Analysis (EO)


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