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Advanced SQL Training


This course includes plenty of chances to experiment with what you are being taught and ask questions if you’re not sure of something. We make sure that no-one is left behind.

By the time you finish, you’ll be comfortable using a wide variety of advanced SQL queries.

A complete advanced SQL course that covers all of the advanced concepts and techniques. Plenty of one to one attention and time to ask questions.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Write basic SELECT statements including wildcard characters and comparison operators.
  • Carry out mathematical calculations in SQL
  • Group and Count your data.
  • Learn how to use IF, CASE, and UNION queries.
  • Understand the basic error trapping techniques and using commit and rollback.
  • Create views and use stored procedures.

Course Content:

Unit 1: SQL Scripts:

  • Good practice when writing SQL queries
  • Exploring the templates and stored procedures available in SSMS
  • Saving script files v saving stored procedures
  • Using Parameterised queries

Unit 2: Advanced SQL SELECT Statements:

  • Recap on writing JOIN statements and column and table aliases
  • ISNULL() function v IS NULL criterion
  • Useful string, date and convert functions
  • Aggregate functions
  • Group by clause including rollup
  • IF and CASE
  • UNION queries

Unit 3: DML and Transaction Control:

  • Working with INSERT
  • Working with UPDATE
  • Working with DELETE
  • Creating computed columns
  • Using Begin transactions with Commit and Rollback
  • Simple error trapping

Unit 4: Sub Queries and Window Functions:

  • Writing subqueries
  • Over() and Over(Partition by)
  • Row() v Rank()

Unit 5: Managing Views:

  • Creating a view
  • Selecting data using a view
  • Altering and dropping views

Unit 6: Stored Procedures (USP)

  • Introduction to Stored Procedures
  • Advantages of Stored Procedures
  • Creating and Using Stored Procedures
  • Dealing with an INSERT

Strategic Business IT Planning, Deployment & Management Courses
Advanced SQL Training (B)


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