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Advanced Remote Selling


The world of sales is constantly evolving. More and more businesses are moving from field selling to distance selling - and for good reason. Teams that sell online are cheaper to run, easier to get involved, they respond faster, and their sales cycles are significantly shorter. In this course, you'll learn what it takes to get your sales process online, what skills your agents need to succeed, best practices for prospecting, business case development, and closing through digital platforms.

Targeted Groups:

  • People in sales, customer service, and marketing
  • People that want to go into remote selling
  • Learners that want to be part of the world of remote business

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to create an engaging experience that establishes trust and credibility to foster relationships
  • Create Messages that lead to Action
  • Learn how to keep things on track and organize a virtual call
  • Learn the best practices for team selling when remote
  • Leverage technology, digital sales tools, and virtual communication channels to increase the number of connections they make and accelerate the speed at which they make those connections.
  • Prospect effectively with video, phone, email, and social media to fill the sales pipeline with qualified opportunities.
  • Blend virtual selling into your existing sales process to accelerate pipeline velocity and improve productivity.
  • Conduct effective virtual sales calls – advance opportunities through the pipeline, handle objections, and close sales.
  • Deliver engaging virtual presentations and demos.
  • Build deep and lasting relationships with remote buyers and make virtual selling more human.

Targeted Competencies:

  • Partnering: building relationships, communicating effectively, and setting expectations
  • Insight: evaluating the customer needs, gathering intelligence, and understanding business context
  • Solution: aligning to customer's needs, resolving issues, and managing success
  • Effectiveness: leveraging the sales process, executing plans, and maximizing personal time

Course Content:

  • Leading with needs
  • Screen-to-screen selling
  • The virtual sales keynote
  • Balancing synchronous and asynchronous communication to deliver a better customer experience
  • The human psychology behind mastering sales calls
  • The R.E.A.D. method (Relationship building, Engaging, Advancing, and Decision-making) for responding to and influencing buyers on virtual sales calls
  • How to leverage a blended virtual/physical selling approach to close deals faster
  • Leveraging the S.C.O.R.E. framework for effective discovery on virtual sales calls
  • The seven technical elements of impactful sales calls
  • The five human elements of highly effective sales calls
  • How to overcome the fear of the camera and always be video-ready
  • How to deliver engaging and impactful virtual demos and presentations
  • How to leverage micro-demos to keep opportunities advancing and influence buying decisions
  • Virtual communication etiquette and principles
  • Powerful video messaging and prospecting strategies for engaging hard-to-reach stakeholders
  • Virtual prospecting strategies, sequencing, and messaging
  • The Four-step Video Prospecting Framework
  • The Five-step Telephone Prospecting Framework
  • The LDA Method for handling telephone prospecting objections
  • The Four-step email prospecting framework
  • How to leverage text messaging for prospecting and down-pipeline communication
  • Direct messaging strategies for prospecting and down-pipeline communication
  • The 5 Cs of Social Selling
  • How to build familiarity through personal branding and take the friction out of virtual selling
  • How to increase sales with reactive and proactive chat
  • How to leverage virtual communication channels and strategies to expand and retain key accounts
  • Advanced time management strategies for remote sellers
  • Closing Virtually
  • Virtual Account Management

Marketing & Sales Management Training Courses
Advanced Remote Selling (MS)


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