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Fleet Management


Supply chain development is bringing new challenges for fleet managers and safety continues to be of prime importance. Fleet management is significant in managing the distribution of products through extended supply chains. A company’s reputation is reliant on timely and cost-effective management of these operations.

Targeted Groups:

  • Fleet Managers
  • Logistics Managers and Planners
  • Distribution Managers
  • Transport Managers

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Changes Which are Driving Change in Fleet Management
  • Identify Gaps in Performance
  • Develop Fleet Management Strategy
  • Analyze Risks in the Business Environment
  • Build Sustainable Operations

Targeted Competencies:

  • The Changing Nature of the Supply Chain Environment
  • PESTEL for Fleet Managers
  • Risk in Fleet Management
  • Sustainability in Fleet Management
  • Technology for Fleet Management

Course Content:
Unit 1: The Changing Nature of Supply Chain Management:

  • Why Do We Need Fleets?
  • The Make or Buy Decision
  • Other Answers to Distribution
  • Distribution Requirement Planning
  • Threats in Supply Management
  • Opportunities in Supply

Unit 2: Analysing Changes in the Operating Environment:

  • PESTEL Analysis
  • Political Environment
  • Social Factors
  • Legal Concerns
  • Economic Issues
  • Technology

Unit 3: Risk:

  • What is Risk and How is it Different to Issues?
  • Risk and Safety
  • Risk Reduction
  • Mitigation
  • Risk Avoidance
  • Exercise on Risk Management

Unit 4: Technology in Fleet Management

  • Information Technologies
  • Opportunities and Threats
  • Power Technologies
  • Financial Impacts of Technology
  • Planning the 21st Century Fleet

 Unit 5: Sustainability for the Future

  • Safety in the Future
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Integration with Other Modes
  • Technology in Sustainability
  • Artificial Intelligence

Procurement, Logistics & Inventory Management Training Courses
Fleet Management (PR)


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