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Airport Strategic Management


Airport management personnel have the difficult task of ensuring safe and effective operation in a complex and growing business, this course includes extensive exercises to help you identify and address the challenges facing you at the airport at the individual, team and unit levels, and learn the main strategic management tools that will help you to keep your operations compatible with your strategy and achieving sustainable results

Targeted Groups:

  • Airport managers.
  • Airport operations managers.
  • Administration staff
  • Airport and aircraft operators.
  • Anyone who wish to develop their skills and gain new experience

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Formulate airport performance goals and planning the activities used to achieve them.
  • Manage their employees, resources, facilities, and technology with a focus on achieving strategic goals.
  • Align marketing, financial management, and customer service activities with your strategic goals.
  • Manage expansion, financing and investor relations with a long-term focus.
  • Conduct continuous assessment and measurement to measure the success of your strategic activities.
  • Ensure sustainable quality and compliance across the airport's business and operations, using quality as the primary driver of change.

Targeted Competencies:

  • Quality management.
  • Organizational structure and strategic goals.
  • Management and outsourcing models.
  • Managing risks and changes in the air transport industry.
  • Airport marketing principles.
  • Airport operating environment

Course Content:

Unit 1: Quality and Measurement Management:

  • Performance measurement, balanced scorecard
  • Organizational structure and strategic goals

Unit 2: Master of Planning:

  • Financial management
  • Management and outsourcing models

Unit 3: The Use of Technology in The Air Transport Industry:

  • Managing risks and changes in the air transport industry
  • Talent management
  • Information Technology

Unit 4: Principles of Airport Marketing:

  • Business Relationships (B2B) and B2C
  • Pricing strategies

Unit 5: Airports Within The Air Transport System:

  • Positioning
  • Airport operating environment
  • Airport economics and business concepts

Aviation & Airports Management Training Courses
Airport Strategic Management (AV)


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