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Healthcare Strategy & Innovation Program


This healthcare strategy and innovation course will guide managers and clinicians through crafting a healthcare strategy that aligns with a long-term vision and incorporates healthcare innovation solutions. Understanding what constitutes healthcare innovation and integrating ideas for healthcare innovation into the organizational fabric aligns with the objective of this program.

Attendees at this healthcare strategy and innovation training will systematically set clear objectives, track progress through healthcare innovation management, and steer the organization toward achieving its goals. The process supports building an organization where all elements work in unison toward a healthcare innovation strategy, ensuring a shared commitment to success.

Participants will delve into the nuances of strategic planning, learn how to implement strategies with precision and align the organization with these strategies by engaging stakeholders, delegating responsibilities, measuring progress, and making necessary tactical adjustments. Effective evaluation methods to measure strategic achievements, learn from experiences, recognize success, and value team and individual contributions are also integral parts of the curriculum.

Targeted Groups:

  • Managers and clinicians are jointly responsible for strategy, marketing, research, operations, HR, and finance.
  • Managers and clinicians are involved in the management of risks.
  • Line and functional managers, team leaders, and supervisors.
  • Strategic managers seek to evaluate and enhance their strategy approach.
  • Operational managers are aspiring to take on strategic responsibilities.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this healthcare innovation course, participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate between strategy and planning.
  • Define the healthcare organization’s vision, mission, and values within the definition of healthcare innovation.
  • Formulate clear and achievable objectives, including healthcare innovation management goals.
  • Recognize and manage strategic, tactical, and operational risks.
  • Identify Critical Success Factors and create related Key Performance Indicators to monitor progress and achieve healthcare outcomes.

Targeted Competencies:

At the end of this healthcare innovation training, participants competencies will be able to:

  • Strategy development principles and methods, including generating innovative strategies in healthcare and decision-making.
  • Creativity and innovation are important in strategic healthcare management.
  • Strategic and operational risk management and mitigation.
  • Strategic planning and communications to ensure comprehension, commitment, and accountability.
  • Performance evaluation against plans, contributing to an agile and adaptive planning process.

Course Content:

Unit 1: What is Strategy? Why is it Important?:

  • Principles of strategic management and business planning.
  • The strategic fit of organizational structure, business processes, and culture.
  • Integrating analytical, creative, and innovative thought processes in strategic management.
  • Building, managing, and developing a strategic planning team focused on healthcare innovation.
  • Encouraging strategic thinking among employees.
  • Vision development for the future of the organization in the healthcare sector.

Unit 2: Developing a Strategic Business Plan:

  • Analysis of the external business environment in healthcare.
  • Tools for competitor activities evaluation and healthcare innovation program implementation.
  • Balancing Healthcare outcomes vs. Outputs through innovative Healthcare solutions.
  • Framework for crafting a comprehensive strategic business plan.
  • Project and program generation, prioritization, and selection within the healthcare innovation landscape.

Unit 3: Managing and Executing Strategic Alignment:

  • Exploring strategic alignment in healthcare, its importance, and operationalization.
  • A strategic management system within the healthcare context.
  • Create and apply a strategy map for healthcare organizations.
  • Analysis of the Balanced Scorecard and its relevance to healthcare innovation strategy.
  • Achieving total strategic alignment for successful healthcare strategy implementation.

Unit 4: Addressing Risk and Meeting Stakeholder Requirements:

  • Stakeholder analysis and effective communication in the healthcare setting.
  • Resource and personnel allocation in line with the strategic plan.
  • Performance evaluation against the plan to ensure healthcare innovation solutions are delivered.
  • Assessment and management of risk in healthcare innovation management.
  • Best practices in healthcare risk management and performance measurement.

Unit 5: Strategy and Change: The Challenge of Engaging Staff:

  • Communication plan development for healthcare strategies.
  • Securing commitment to healthcare strategy and ownership of outcomes.
  • Strategy execution – outlining practical steps and ensuring alignment with strategic objectives.
  • Connecting operational plans to healthcare innovation strategy.
  • Review of the course content and setting of personal goals, plans, and a commitment to action within the realm of healthcare innovation.


Earn your healthcare strategy and innovation certificate through our master of healthcare strategy and innovation program and become a leader in innovative healthcare strategies.

The Best Healthcare and Hospital Management Training Courses
Healthcare Strategy & Innovation Program (HL)


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