Management & Leadership Seminars

Techniques of Creativity & Innovative Ideas


Innovation and creativity is one of the basic requirements in management or even satisfactory to do business in the contemporary environment, as it is no longer sufficient for organizations of all kinds by traditional routine methods because continuing with them may lead to the failure of organizations, in order to ensure their survival and continuity, should not stop at the limit of efficiency In the sense that you do things right, but that their ambition must be further than that, so that innovation, creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of their performance.

Contemporary and modern management needs to modify the pattern of decision-making, and improve and develop in the ways and methods of setting priorities and goals, and this can only be done by creating and creating the appropriate, appropriate and appropriate organizational climate, which allows and gives way to innovative and creative thought in emerging, development and growth. This subject suffers from weakness in management. Therefore, we have deliberately demonstrated this project in the field of innovation and creativity with the aim of shedding some light on this vital and important issue, which is one of the important topics in the field of management.

The Objectives:

  • Enabling the participants to possess a set of managerial excellence skills that help them to perform business efficiently and effectively.
  • Helping the participants to adopt the methods of shaping the future necessary for their organizations.
  • Supporting thinking and getting acquainted with modern, non-traditional thought.
  • Possessing a set of administrative and technical skills necessary to set, follow-up and control plans, strategic plans and policies.
  • Make strategic decisions in an innovative way.
  • Avoid obstacles to innovation and strategic thinking.

The target groups:

  • Managers of departments.
  • Incumbents of administrative.
  • Executive and consultative positions.
  • Department heads.
  • Supervisors and their level.
  • Everyone desires to develop creativity and innovation skills in all different institutions and organizations.

The content:

Fundamentals in management of innovation and creativity:

  • The concept of innovation and creativity.
  • Definition of innovation through the market.
  • The innovative community.
  • The science of innovation paradigms.
  • innovative thinking.

The impact of time on the innovation and creativity process:

  • Creative and innovative time.
  • The assistant climate for innovation and creativity.
  • Stimuli of the ideas at any time.
  • Time idea triggers.
  • Time to persuade others of the idea.

The impact of change on the innovation and creativity process:

  • The nature of change and innovation.
  • The process of change.
  • The planned change.
  • Organizational goals for change.
  • Is it a philosophy that I make true for the first time?
  • Distinguish between change and innovation.
  • The main trends of relationships between change and innovation.
  • The impact of change and innovation on the organization.

Resistance to change:

Strategic thinking is the most important real investment to achieve excellence and creativity:

  • Continuity of strategic thinking.
  • Requirements for achieving strategic thinking continuity.
  • Terms used in strategic thinking.
  • The general framework of the planning process and strategic thinking.
  • Strategic direction matrices.

Innovation and creativity in organizations:

  • Managing innovation and creativity in organizations.
  • Innovation and creativity in organizations.
  • Directors of organizations and innovation.
  • Innovative organizations.
  • Innovation and types of organizations.
  • Classification of organizations for innovations.
  • Principles of innovation in organizations.
  • Managing innovative activities in organizations.
  • Organizations and technology strategy.
  • Innovation planning in the organization.
  • Organization of research and development activities.
  • Innovation and creativity strategies.
  • The basic features of innovative organizations.
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