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Sports Facilities Management & Administration


To optimally manage sports infrastructures, whether they’re sports complexes, public and private sports clubs, fitness centers and stadiums that require both a strategic and operational vision of the sports organization. This specialized course offers an introduction to the field of sport facility management, and you’ll learn how to apply your management skills.

The objective:

The main objective of the Course in Sport Facility Management is to educate  you in the implementation of operational management tools you will use in your responsibility as a manager of a sport facility.

The program aims to provide the participants with the necessary skills in sports management, familiarity with the principles of strategic planning in sports institutions, and provide participants with concepts and how to prepare psychological and mental for athletes, through a number of axes including: leadership and professional sports management, sports planning, management of sports facilities and events, principles Sports marketing, in addition to the psychological and mental preparation of athletes, and developing athletic skills.

The content:

Empowering participants with the knowledge and ability to deal with individuals in the sports sector, and enabling them to pursue specializations in the future. This goal has sub-goals, which are:

o   The student's knowledge of the process of planning, implementing and monitoring the work.

o   Contribute to the development of the sports sector in society.

o   Encourage the application of modern foundations in the management of sports facilities.

o   Providing the student with proficiency in writing project proposals, reports, and everything related to this topic.

o   Providing the student with the skills of dealing with and preparing project documents (financial reports, budgets, bids, etc.).

o   Providing the participants with administrative skills that help in managing offices in general.

Urban planning of sports facilities:

-       Sports facilities plans.

-       Strategic thought in relation to the role sports facilities play in a local sports system.

-       Functional aspects in the design of a sports facility.

Management models:

-       Types and management models for sports facilities.

-       Factors that affect the sports facilities feasibility.

-       Types and management models for sports facilities from professional sport.

Management plan of a sports facility:

-       Potential demand and activities offer analysis.

-       Organizational structure of a sports facility.

-       Management of human resources.

-       Maintenance management.

-       Communication and commercialization plan.

-       Economic and financial study.

Principles of Sports Administration.

Law and Ethics in Sports Administration.

Managerial Accounting and Finance Management in Sports Administration.

Marketing and Media Relations in Sports Administration.

Facility and Event Management in Sport Administration.

Leadership in Sports Administration.

Research in Sports Administration.

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