Management & Leadership Seminars

Creativity in drawing strategies, plans and performance measurement


Identify the different dimensions of the administrative process and its role in the organization's effective management.
Provide participants with skills related to the role of supervisors in planning and organizing.
Provide participants with effective communication skills.
Define the participants in the rules and foundations of the management of labor conflicts and give them the skills to deal with them.
Provide participants with knowledge about time management and organizational skills.
Provide participants with knowledge about leadership, organization and management of task forces and teamwork
Provide participants with knowledge on recent trends in management and their application in the areas of work.
The functions, nature and importance of supervisors in contemporary organizations.
Supervisors' skills in achieving the comprehensiveness of the administrative process and its effectiveness (methods and skills of setting goals and planning work programs, identifying the needs of work and employment, organizing, standardizing and distributing work on supervisors).
The role of supervisors in the training, guidance and development of subordinates and the methods and skills of preparing and qualifying the second grade.
Skills to modify and change the behavior of subordinates and encourage their positive attitudes and motivate them to work and performance excellence.
The methods and skills of supervisors to achieve communication and effective interaction with subordinates and management of formal and informal working groups and building team spirit.
Follow-up and evaluation of the performance of subordinates (the modern scientific concept, performance evaluation, performance evaluation methods, skills to face assessment problems, use of evaluation results).
Patterns of supervision, leadership and effective supervision.
The skills of using the holistic approach to identifying and analyzing the problems of work and the methods of making good decisions in facing them.
Change Management (aspects and dimensions of change required from supervisors - obstacles to change and problems - methods and skills to face resistance to change).

Scientific themes
Determine the role of the supervisor:

  • Determine the role of supervisor.
  • The challenge in the oversight function.
  • Supervisor Responsibilities, Supervisor Role.
  • Criteria for measuring and evaluating the results of your success in the supervisor job.

Supervisory Excellence and Challenges:

  • Use positive input and measure morale.
  • Develop a positive attitude to double productivity.
  • Strengthen your career future.
  • The effort needed to maintain the positive.
  • Attention to the development of personal skills.
  • The composition of the team is ideal and brilliant.
  • The imposition of power and appearance strong and capable.
  • Use the power of experience rather than the power of the post.
  • Actions are stronger than words.

Finishing the work:

  • Delegation of work is important for everyone.
  • Benefits of delegating work to you.
  • Does delegation increase productivity?
  • Select delegated works.
  • Develop decision-making skills.
  • Good appreciation.
  • Criteria for using decision making.
  • Full-time driving.
  • Levels of decision-making.
  • Setting daily goals.

Basic guidelines for effective team leadership:

  • The seven principles of successful team building.
  • How to make your team productive?
  • How do you deal with those who prefer isolation?
  • How do you deal with team disputes?
  • Work Lab (about effective team management skills)

Strategic and vital thinking:

  • How to exercise discipline and save time for strategic thinking?
  • How to use thinking tools in different situations?
  • How to improve your strategic thinking?
  • How to classify the opaque set of information so that you can focus on the most important things strategically?

UAE (Dubai)

From 22/12/2019 To 26/12/2019 Price: 2500$
From 12/1/2020 To 16/1/2020 Price: 2500$
From 31/5/2020 To 4/6/2020 Price: 2500$
From 27/9/2020 To 1/10/2020 Price: 2500$

Egypt (Cairo)

From 12/1/2020 To 16/1/2020 Price: 2500$
From 30/8/2020 To 3/9/2020 Price: 2500$

Morocco (Casablanca)

From 24/11/2019 To 28/11/2019 Price: 2500$
From 6/9/2020 To 10/9/2020 Price: 2500$

Jordan (Amman)

From 3/11/2019 To 7/11/2019 Price: 2500$
From 31/5/2020 To 4/6/2020 Price: 2500$
From 6/9/2020 To 10/9/2020 Price: 2500$

UK (London)

From 17/11/2019 To 21/11/2019 Price: 4500$
From 20/1/2020 To 24/1/2020 Price: 4500$
From 8/6/2020 To 12/6/2020 Price: 4500$

Egypt (Sharm El-Sheikh)

From 8/3/2020 To 12/3/2020 Price: 2500$
From 30/8/2020 To 3/9/2020 Price: 2500$

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

From 20/10/2019 To 24/10/2019 Price: 3500$
From 1/12/2019 To 5/12/2019 Price: 3500$
From 15/3/2020 To 19/3/2020 Price: 3500$
From 23/8/2020 To 27/8/2020 Price: 3500$

Turkey (Istanbul)

From 22/12/2019 To 26/12/2019 Price: 3000$
From 23/2/2020 To 27/2/2020 Price: 3000$
From 8/3/2020 To 12/3/2020 Price: 3000$
From 24/5/2020 To 28/5/2020 Price: 3000$
From 20/9/2020 To 24/9/2020 Price: 3000$

France (Paris)

From 2/3/2020 To 6/3/2020 Price: 4500$

Switzerland (Geneva)

From 17/8/2020 To 21/8/2020 Price: 4500$

Spain (Barcelona)

From 1/12/2019 To 5/12/2019 Price: 4500$
From 27/4/2020 To 1/5/2020 Price: 4500$
From 6/7/2020 To 10/7/2020 Price: 4500$

Italy (Rome)

From 15/12/2019 To 19/12/2019 Price: 4500$
From 23/3/2020 To 27/3/2020 Price: 4500$
From 21/9/2020 To 25/9/2020 Price: 4500$

Manama (Bahrain)

From 19/4/2020 To 23/4/2020 Price: 2500$


From 5/4/2020 To 9/4/2020 Price: 2500$

Kuwait (Kuwait)

From 16/8/2020 To 20/8/2020 Price: 2500$

Spain (madrid)

From 10/11/2019 To 14/11/2019 Price: 4500$
From 17/2/2020 To 21/2/2020 Price: 4500$

Singapore (Singapore)

From 30/3/2020 To 3/4/2020 Price: 4500$

Netherlands (Amsterdam)

From 2/3/2020 To 6/3/2020 Price: 4500$

Canada (Toronto)

From 13/7/2020 To 17/7/2020 Price: 5000$

Germany (Munich)

From 1/6/2020 To 5/6/2020 Price: 4500$

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