Management & Leadership Seminars

Modern methods of planning and organization

The objective:

  • Empower participants with the necessary management and leadership skills in the 21st century that enable them to meet and overcome challenges.
  • Familiarize participants with the most important modern systems, concepts and theories of management and leadership.
  • Enable participants to prepare strategic and operational plans for their organizations.
  • Enable participants to work in different ways and not to fall behind one method.
  • Train participants on ways and methods of positive thinking and the elimination of illusions and negative habits.
  • Enable participants to make their decisions confidently and manage the crises and pressures they face at work.
  • Train the participants on modern management and management techniques.

The Content:

  • Introduction to the concept of both leadership and management.
  • Who is the leader and who is the manager and what is the difference between them.
  • The characteristics, strategies and theories of modern management and leadership.
  • The types of administrative and leadership personalities and their characteristics and who is the effective administrative personality.
  • The concept of a set of systems and contemporary management strategies in the twenty-first century.
  • The concept of a set of systems and contemporary management strategies in the twenty-first century, which include:
    • TGM
    • ISO 9001
    • Benchmarking.
    • KPI.
    • BSC.
  • Who is the manager and who is the successful leader in the 21st century and what are the challenges facing them?
  • Planning and strategic planning skills and key performance indicators, stages and steps of preparing the strategic plan and elements of its success.
  • How to recognize the personalities and how you can read their thoughts and concerns.
  • How to manage others and extract their potentials and abilities and how to deal with ungainly people.
  • Basic rules of time management and prioritization.
  • How to make your decisions confidently and how to use quantitative aspects in decision making.
  • How to manage and control the crises with high efficiency.
  • What are the requirements and elements of the successful administrator and leader in the era of change and informatics.
  • Methods of work and different forms of modern thinking and not to stray behind one style of work.
  • How to get rid of negative thoughts, habits, illusions and unjustified fears.
  • How to recognize your possibilities and potential within you and to motivate it to get out.
  • How to get to know others from a distance and communicate with them and identify points of convergence with them.
  • How to program yourself in a positive way and increase your effectiveness.
  • What are the rules of excellence, success and career progress.
  • Understand and link the administrative process and its main functions.
  • Formulation of daily, weekly, monthly and annual business execution plans.
  • Effective use of monitoring and evaluation models.
  • Use the results of monitoring and evaluation to improve work continuously.
  • Apply effective planning methods in practice and how to follow-up remotely.
  • Creativity in planning and follow-up work.

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