Management & Leadership Seminars

Modern management in factories and companies


This course will provide the business professionals with leadership methodologies and practices in project management.

Factories and companies management techniques are necessary requirements for business professionals in all the fields.

Target groups:

  • Executive Directors
  • Project Managers.
  • Engineers of financial and human resources.
  • Legal officials.
  • Administrative teams’ supervisors.

The content:

Role of management and development:

  • Job description of the organization's tasks.
  • The current work of the institution.
  • Communication and Administration.
  • The objectives and elements of the communication.
  • Conditions of the communication process success.
  • The Ten Commandments of Effective Communication.
  • Planning and management.
  • Organizational memory and its types.

Forms of the commercial companies:

  • People companies.
  • Money companies.
  • Mixed companies.
  • Characteristics of solidarity companies.
  • Distribution of the profits and losses.
  • Characteristics of a simple recommendation company.
  • Characteristics of Joint Venture Companies.
  • Characteristics of the Joint Stock Company.
  • Shareholding Company.
  • Limited Liability Company.
  • Management of Limited Liability Company.

The management of the budget and manpower:

  • Financial management in the private sector.
  • Functions of the Chief Financial Officer.
  • Characteristics of financial function.
  • The impact of inflation on the project evaluation process.
  • Sources of funding.
  • The Solutions of Crisis in companies.
  • Successful Methods of Manpower Management.
  • Manpower management strategies.
  • Control strategy.
  • Compliance Strategy.

Corporate governance:

  • The role of founder investors.
  • Corporate governance organizations.
  • Internal controls for corporate governance.
  • External controls for corporate governance.
  • Work and distance from commitment.
  • Reward systems.
  • Environmental and social governance.
  • Bad reputation stocks.
  • Responsible Investments.
  • Investment strategies.
  • Principles of responsible Investment.
  • Detection and organizing.

The Role of Multinational Companies in Globalization:

  • Business and investment in developing countries.
  • International Operations.
  • International Business.
  • Globalization and International Business Management.
  • Economic environment.
  • The policy of Home Country and host country.
  • Conflict of non-economic interests.
  • The relationship of government in social business.
  • International Marketing Researches.
  • Sources of information from international markets.
  • Human resources management and the challenges of international business.
  • Factors affecting the selection of managers to work in international companies.

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