Management & Leadership Seminars

Strategic Thinking

Learning Objectives:

  • Leverage New Skills to Support Your Strategic Thinking Every Day
  • Apply a Process to Envision Your Organization’s Desired Future
  • Recognize the Influences Within and Outside Your Organization That Could Support or Derail Your Future Goals
  • Identify the Changes Necessary to Reach Your Future Goals
  • Expand the Number of Perspectives That Influence Your Moves Forward
  • Create a Plan for Building Skills and Testing Your Ideas

Context of Strategic Thinking:

  • Define Strategic Thinking and Recognize How It Can Be Used in Your Day-to-Day Work
  • Compare and Contrast Strategic Thinking to Analytical Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
  • Identify the Characteristics of Strategic Thinkers

Strategic Thinking Process and Skills:

  • Explain a Model for Strategic Thinking in Day-to-Day Activities and Work Applications
  • List Skills and Tools That Can Be Used to Support Strategic Thinking

Assess the Current State:

  • Identify the Influences and Relationships at Different Levels of an Organization That Can Impact a Strategy
  • Recognize and Identify Patterns of Interaction and Development That Are Likely to Influence the Effectiveness of a Strategy
  • Incorporate Multiple Perspectives on a Possible Strategy, and Assess Different Influences on the Potential Success

Envision a Desired Future State:

  • Envision a Desired Future State
  • Recognize and Use Thinking Skills That Support Imagining New Ways of Relating to the Market and Customers

Build Your Path on Paper:

  • Identify and Sequence the Multiple Steps to Move from the Current State of the Issue/Opportunity to the Desire Future State
  • Anticipate the Reactions/Responses of Others in the Larger Systems Impacting Your Situation
  • Identify and Conduct Experiments and Tests That Point Your Way Forward

Implement Your Strategic Knowledge and Skills:

  • Assess What You Gained from Applying Strategic Thinking Tools to Your Project
  • Anticipate Pitfalls You May Encounter as a Strategic Thinker
  • Create an Action Plan for Development of Strategic Thinking Skills

UAE (Dubai)

From 31/5/2020 To 4/6/2020 Price: 2500 Euro
From 26/7/2020 To 30/7/2020 Price: 2500 Euro
From 18/10/2020 To 22/10/2020 Price: 2500 Euro

Egypt (Cairo)

From 3/5/2020 To 7/5/2020 Price: 2500 Euro
From 10/5/2020 To 14/5/2020 Price: 2500 Euro
From 29/11/2020 To 3/12/2020 Price: 2500 Euro

Morocco (Casablanca)

From 5/7/2020 To 9/7/2020 Price: 2500 Euro

Jordan (Amman)

From 11/10/2020 To 15/10/2020 Price: 2500 Euro

UK (London)

From 18/5/2020 To 22/5/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Egypt (Sharm El-Sheikh)

From 21/6/2020 To 25/6/2020 Price: 2500 Euro
From 12/7/2020 To 16/7/2020 Price: 2500 Euro

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

From 12/4/2020 To 16/4/2020 Price: 3500 Euro
From 30/8/2020 To 3/9/2020 Price: 3500 Euro
From 25/10/2020 To 29/10/2020 Price: 3500 Euro

Turkey (Istanbul)

From 21/6/2020 To 25/6/2020 Price: 3000 Euro
From 2/8/2020 To 6/8/2020 Price: 3000 Euro
From 15/11/2020 To 19/11/2020 Price: 3000 Euro

France (Paris)

From 24/8/2020 To 28/8/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Switzerland (Geneva)

From 26/10/2020 To 30/10/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Spain (Barcelona)

From 3/8/2020 To 7/8/2020 Price: 4500 Euro
From 16/11/2020 To 20/11/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Italy (Rome)

From 29/6/2020 To 3/7/2020 Price: 4500 Euro
From 23/11/2020 To 27/11/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Manama (Bahrain)

From 11/10/2020 To 15/10/2020 Price: 2500 Euro


From 20/9/2020 To 24/9/2020 Price: 2500 Euro

Spain (madrid)

From 7/9/2020 To 11/9/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Singapore (Singapore)

From 22/6/2020 To 26/6/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Netherlands (Amsterdam)

From 2/11/2020 To 6/11/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Canada (Toronto)

From 18/5/2020 To 22/5/2020 Price: 5000 Euro

Germany (Munich)

From 6/4/2020 To 10/4/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

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