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Public relations course and negotiation skills, influence and persuasion


We all operate in an increasingly complex commercial and professional environment that requires us to negotiate on a daily basis not only with customers, clients, suppliers and contractor, but also with managers, fellow employees and colleagues within our own organisation.

‘Mastering Negotiation Skills’ is a five day course designed to explain the negotiation process in detail and demonstrate how to use it effectively, giving delegates the negotiation skills and strategies they need to succeed in today’s challenging commercial environment.

In this seminar you will:

  • Improve your effectiveness in negotiations by understanding key negotiation strategies and how to apply them in practice
  • Understand how to make the most of your own natural negotiation style
  • Develop the skills to influence people more effectively and to control the negotiation table
  • Gain the essential tools and knowledge to plan and manage a range of negotiation scenarios
  • Enhance your ability to add value through the negotiation process
  • Understand different behaviours and attitudes related to different cultures and how to turn them in your favour


By the end of this programme you will:

  • Have a deep understand of the key analysis of the negotiation process and how to influence others to get more of what you need and want
  • Have developed a range of highly effective negotiating skills and strategies that can be used in a range of situation
  • Be able to effectively analyse, plan and prepare for every negotiation
  • Understand the benefits of controlling and reading body language when influencing others
  • Have become a more effective and confident negotiator
  • Have enhanced an essential operational, management and leadership skill that will increase your performance on a daily basis

Training Methodology:

This is a highly interactive seminar, using a mix of formal presentations, case studies, role play exercises, self assessments, presentations and group discussions. The teaching methods used provide an opportunity for delegates to learn, develop and then practice the skills taught using a variety of hands-on exercises that stress participation and that reinforce and build on the comprehensive course materials provided.

Organisational Impact:

  • Help build organisational capability to add real value through the negotiation process
  • Enable better strategic planning and management of the negotiation process leading to the implementation of more stable and workable agreements that protect key relationships
  • Increase ability to deal effectively with people both internally within the organisation and externally with customers, clients, suppliers and other third parties
  • Enhance ability to assertively claim value in negotiations that increase organisational profits
  • Better assessment of what represents a good negotiation outcome through the understanding of core organisational interests
  • Enhance the ability to negotiate outcomes that meet or exceeding organisational goals

Personal Impact

By the end of this seminar participants will:

  • Gain an insight into their own natural negotiation style and how to adapt it to be become a more effective negotiator
  • Have the skill to think analytically and strategically about the negotiation process
  • Learn how to engage in true value creating collaborative negotiation and enhanced their own personal negotiation skills
  • Have developed a range of negotiation strategies and an understanding of when to use them to maximise outcomes
  • Gain a valuable understanding of body language and behavioural knowledge which enhance negotiation and broader business communication
  • Have enhanced vital leadership, management and personal skills and gain the confidence to negotiate in a manner that adds real value


Introduction to Negotiation - The Starting Point for Improvement:

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Positivity & Negativity and its affect on negotiation
  • Acquiring a positive attitude to the negotiation process
  • Proposal format – simple, focused & logical
  • Placing yourself above the competition with your proposal
  • The psychology the negotiation - Knowing your opponents driving force
  • The feel-good factor
  • Questioning & listening techniques

Understanding Behavioural Style to Negotiate Better:

  • Knowing and understanding your own behavioural style – keys to how you negotiate
  • Negotiation Style Assessment
  • Approaches to negotiation
  • The ‘win:win’ and why it is misunderstood
  • The two distinct approaches to negotiation
  • Communication style and the negotiation process
  • Adapting to different communication styles
  • Negotiation and ethics

Developing a Strategic Approach to Negotiation:

  • A strategic approach to negotiation - Distributive negotiation strategies
  • BATNA, Zone of Possible Agreement
  • Openings, anchors, offers and counter offers
  • A strategic approach to negotiation - Integrative negotiation strategies
  • Sharing information, diagnostic questions & unbundling issues
  • Package deals, multiple offers and post-settlement settlements
  • Knowing and maintaining your sources of negotiation power
  • Sales negotiation behaviour – a practical approach

Interests, Planning and Understanding Body Language:

  • Wants and needs – the importance of identifying needs
  • Emotional intelligence and its role in negotiation
  • The importance of body language and non-verbal behaviour
  • What is body language and how do we accurately read it?
  • Understanding thoughts from body language
  • How to use your own body language to negotiate more effectively
  • Resolving disputes – learning to mediate to create better deals
  • Techniques of the mediator - practical mediation skills to help resolve disputes

Negotiating with Different Nationalities and Cultures:

  • Face to face negotiation – dealing with different cultures
  • British & American
  • Japanese & Chinese
  • French & German
  • Advice for cross cultural negotiators
  • International team negotiation exercise
  • Putting negotiation techniques into practice – putting a deal together
  • Summary session and questions

UAE (Dubai)

From 23/2/2020 To 27/2/2020 Price: 2500$
From 7/6/2020 To 11/6/2020 Price: 2500$
From 9/8/2020 To 13/8/2020 Price: 2500$

Egypt (Cairo)

From 27/10/2019 To 31/10/2019 Price: 2500$
From 8/3/2020 To 12/3/2020 Price: 2500$
From 19/7/2020 To 23/7/2020 Price: 2500$
From 6/9/2020 To 10/9/2020 Price: 2500$

Morocco (Casablanca)

From 27/10/2019 To 31/10/2019 Price: 2500$
From 2/8/2020 To 6/8/2020 Price: 2500$

Jordan (Amman)

From 26/4/2020 To 30/4/2020 Price: 2500$

UK (London)

From 15/12/2019 To 19/12/2019 Price: 4500$
From 6/1/2020 To 10/1/2020 Price: 4500$
From 29/6/2020 To 3/7/2020 Price: 4500$

Egypt (Sharm El-Sheikh)

From 10/11/2019 To 14/11/2019 Price: 2500$
From 14/6/2020 To 18/6/2020 Price: 2500$
From 23/8/2020 To 27/8/2020 Price: 2500$

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

From 20/10/2019 To 24/10/2019 Price: 3500$
From 19/1/2020 To 23/1/2020 Price: 3500$
From 24/5/2020 To 28/5/2020 Price: 3500$
From 27/9/2020 To 1/10/2020 Price: 3500$

Turkey (Istanbul)

From 15/12/2019 To 19/12/2019 Price: 3000$
From 16/2/2020 To 20/2/2020 Price: 3000$
From 28/6/2020 To 2/7/2020 Price: 3000$
From 2/8/2020 To 6/8/2020 Price: 3000$

France (Paris)

From 6/4/2020 To 10/4/2020 Price: 4500$

Switzerland (Geneva)

From 10/8/2020 To 14/8/2020 Price: 4500$

Spain (Barcelona)

From 16/3/2020 To 20/3/2020 Price: 4500$
From 1/6/2020 To 5/6/2020 Price: 4500$

Italy (Rome)

From 22/12/2019 To 26/12/2019 Price: 4500$
From 11/5/2020 To 15/5/2020 Price: 4500$

Manama (Bahrain)

From 8/3/2020 To 12/3/2020 Price: 2500$


From 14/6/2020 To 18/6/2020 Price: 2500$

Spain (madrid)

From 29/6/2020 To 3/7/2020 Price: 4500$

USA (Boston)

From 2/2/2020 To 6/2/2020 Price: 5000$

Netherlands (Amsterdam)

From 6/7/2020 To 10/7/2020 Price: 4500$
From 20/7/2020 To 24/7/2020 Price: 4500$

Germany (Munich)

From 27/4/2020 To 1/5/2020 Price: 4500$

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