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The Business Brain & Neuroplasticity Training Course


When did you last stop to think about how your cognitive processing and daily work habits could be optimized for better performance within your business role? The business brain and neuroplasticity training course is a comprehensive program designed to enhance the cognitive capabilities of professionals through positive neuroplasticity training.

This business brain and neuroplasticity course not only delves into the specifics of mind training courses and pace brain training techniques but also integrates these methods with actionable strategies to augment effectiveness and success in the corporate arena.

Participants in this business brain and neuroplasticity course will discover valuable techniques such as mind mapping for visionary planning, speed reading for efficient information absorption, and memory systems to retain critical data.

This business brain and neuroplasticity course fosters a complete understanding of neuroplasticity brain training and brain retraining programs, providing participants with a robust business brain that can adeptly navigate the complexities and demands of the modern commercial environment.

Targeted Groups

  • Managers, supervisors, and team leaders.
  • Human resources professionals.
  • Employees across all departments are seeking to harness the power of cognitive training for business success.

Course Objectives

At the end of this business brain and neuroplasticity course, participants will be able to:

  • Employ strategies gained from brain training courses to read faster and more efficiently.
  • Tackle reading tasks with increased confidence and capability.
  • Integrate fast reading, mind-mapping, and memory skills with time management techniques to manage information overload.
  • Develop effective management strategies for prioritizing tasks and mitigating pressure.
  • Explore and develop new ideas and approaches using what is learned in brain training certifications.
  • Increase confidence in group settings to contribute ideas and take the initiative responsibly.
  • Harness the business brain to cultivate a thriving culture within their enterprises.
  • Utilize mind mapping for meticulous planning, note-making, and enhanced clarity in thought processes.
  • Master memory systems to remember information effortlessly and accurately.
  • Implement problem-solving techniques to address complex business challenges efficiently.
  • Develop strategies for the business brain to manage time, priorities, and pressure.
  • Recognize the significance of a holistic brain approach to business effectiveness.

Targeted Competencies

  • NLP and emotional intelligence.
  • Brain skills for enhanced business operations.
  • Advanced reading strategies.
  • Mind mapping for strategic thinking.
  • Innovative problem-solving.
  • Time management for peak productivity.
  • Practical communication skills in a corporate setting.

Course Content

Unit 1: Brain Skills, Fast Reading and Mind Mapping

  • Challenging existing assumptions about reading.
  • Evaluating current reading speed and comprehension.
  • Understanding the brain's role in compelling reading and memory retention.
  • Examining the eye-brain coordination for optimized reading.
  • Assessing and reframing beliefs about reading capabilities.
  • Tailoring the reading environment for success.
  • How to be a successful reader?
  • Investigating various note-making techniques.
  • Learning the art of mind mapping to structure information.

Unit 2: Reading Strategies and Memory Systems

  • Theoretical underpinnings of reading strategies.
  • Practicing to increase reading speed and effectiveness.
  • Reading practice for the business brain.
  • Thinking about remembering.
  • Exploring memory systems and their applications in business contexts.
  • Remembering numerical information and complex data.
  • Utilizing mind mapping for robust information recall.

Unit 3: Scaling Reading and Memory Skills in Professional Environments

  • Delving deeper into advanced memory techniques.
  • Tailoring reading strategies for different forms of communication.
  • Strategic approaches to rapid reading in demanding situations.
  • Understanding memory rhythms and how to leverage them in a business setting.
  • Using mind mapping and reading strategies together.
  • Collaborative thinking and effective group work dynamics.
  • Mind mapping team projects for collaborative problem-solving.

Unit 4: Time Management and Outcome Planning For Better Results

  • Presenting mind-mapping projects as a team.
  • Advanced planning techniques for notable outcomes.
  • Utilizing time management as a critical strategy to handle information overload.
  • Deep-diving into articles to extract pivotal insights.
  • Mind mapping software (e.g., MindManager, iMindMap, NovaMind).
  • Learning when to employ mind mapping software vs. traditional methods.
  • Developing listening skills to enhance note-taking.
  • Revision in context.

Unit 5: Problem-Solving, Meetings, and Planning for Success

  • Assembling a comprehensive toolkit for managing information overload.
  • Reading, remembering.
  • Strengthening communication skills for professional life.
  • Preparing and contributing effectively to business meetings.
  • Reflecting on personal learning and putting skills into practice.
  • Designing a strategic blueprint for continued success and development.

Unit 6: Optimizing Tools for Professional Effectiveness

  • Revisiting essential tools for combating information overload.
  • Implementing tools in everyday business scenarios.
  • Four steps to proficient time management.
  • Mastering the art of controlling an overflowing inbox.
  • Confronting and overcoming common time-wasting obstacles.
  • Proactive planning for achieving career and business goals.
  • Reading research project.
  • Communication barriers.

Unit 7: Creativity Unplugged

  • Exploring creativity in a business context and its teachable nature.
  • Studying inspirational thinking from renowned modern thinkers.
  • Approaches to unbridled problem-solving.
  • Tools to cultivate creative thinking and drive business results.
  • Balancing information and creativity to get results.
  • Grasping the power of perception as a critical business brain tool.
  • Leveraging memory systems for imaginative enterprise solutions.
  • Silo thinking versus other people's views.
  • How do you use memory systems for the business brain?

Unit 8: Understanding Groups and Organizations

  • Unpacking the functioning of diverse organizational structures.
  • Appreciating the importance of financial literacy within one's role.
  • Enhancing numerical comprehension for business improvement.
  • Improving general business acumen.
  • Techniques for memorizing speeches and strengthening public speaking.
  • Collaborative thinking and group dynamics in mind mapping projects.
  • Group mind mapping project: 'Dilemma.'
  • Results planning (the ORCA strategy).

Unit 9: Fostering a Culture of Success

  • Bolstering self-confidence and proactivity in a professional milieu.
  • Cultivating assertiveness and practical listening skills.
  • Communicating with clarity to achieve defined outcomes.
  • Deciphering non-verbal communication for comprehensive messaging.
  • Delivering impactful presentations.
  • Demonstrating leadership and management acumen through whole-brain thinking.
  • Collaborating with a diverse set of stakeholders for collective achievement.
  • Creating and sustaining a workplace culture primed for success.

Unit 10: Managing Personal Effectiveness for Tangible Results

  • Practical strategies for handling time and work pressure.
  • Adopting an open mindset for continuous learning.
  • Gaining an in-depth understanding of meeting dynamics.
  • Performing effectively as a team member within any organization.
  • Learning about perceptual positions to improve personal effectiveness.
  • Focused personal development for sustained excellence and performance.
  • Planning for success and planning to practice business brain.
  • Gathering feedback and presenting final projects to mark course completion.

By immersing in this business brain and neuroplasticity course, participants will embark on a transformative journey towards acquiring skills from top-tier brain training programs and achieve a heightened level of brain training tailored to their professional growth and organizational objectives.

Mastering Human Resources Management Courses and HR Certifications
The Business Brain & Neuroplasticity Training Course (HR)


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