Management & Leadership Seminars

The Advanced Management Programme

The Course

Today’s executives have no room for error in navigating the market upturn to ensure their organization's survival and success. This all-new capstone to our Management Programme is a fast track to more effective senior management by learning to best leverage your corporation’s competencies and build high value, sustainable growth.

An excellent course for experienced executives looking for late breaking management ideas centered on strategy and “growth maximization” to prepare for market realities in the next three years.

  • Starting with a personalized diagnosis of your current processes
  • Review prevalent management practices on today’s organisations
  • Recognize and take action on new sources of growth in the areas of strategy
  • Managing and engaging people through organizational performance
  • Provide value for customers and resolving management challenges

The Goals

  • Understand and contribute to a discussion of emerging business issues in management.
  • Determine your leadership and management advantage and plan your future in a risk free environment.
  • Provoke traditional assumptions and examine business challenges from new current perspectives.
  • Build on core functional competencies by creating a sustaining competitive advantage.
  • Shift to new management and leadership paradigms and behaviors.
  • Develop an implementation plan for your return.

An ideal candidate is:

  • A senior functional head
  • A member of the executive committee
  • The head of a major business unit
  • A senior member of the operating group

The Process

The program is delivered in a highly interactive, hands-on learning style by senior consultants with corporate experience. In addition to trainer-led group discussions, case studies, and learning group exercises, this programme includes experiential learning and other instructional modalities to accommodate a variety of executive learning styles and to improve learning and retention.

The Benefits

  • Turn ideas into action through a hands-on case which interconnects all the influences on general management decisions
  • Capture advanced-level management learning in a concise and dynamic format
  • Build readiness to seize opportunities as markets turn up
  • Gain exposure to pioneering trends in productivity, innovation, strategy, performance, etc.
  • Connect with an exceptional peer group from diverse industries
  • Gain coaching advice from senior consultants on igniting growth and momentum in your organization

The Results

  • Focusing on ways to create value in a downturn.
  • Understand results-oriented view of marketing prepares senior leaders to manage marketing across multiple areas.
  • Gain effective strategies for maximizing potential for greater bottom-line and shareholder value.
  • Exploring the techniques for managing incremental and disruptive innovation, as well as the organizational dilemmas inherent in managing strategic contradictions.
  • Explore new market space opportunities.

The Core Competencies

  • Emphasizing the art of configuring internal management activities to create new sources of competitive advantage.
  • Acquiring a set of methodologies and action-planning tools for diagnosing and solving organizational problems.
  • Analyzing the role of senior management in applying competitive analysis and best alternative strategies.
  • Applying strategic analysis to evaluate available resources, market opportunities, and the effectiveness of organizational structures, systems, and processes.
  • Analyzing the options for articulating a clear vision, building a coalition of support, and creating an organization that is capable of reinventing itself.

The Programme Content


Day One

Performance Management Process

  • Integration of Proven Management Methodologies
  • Fact-Based Data and Information Technology
  • Motivation and Performance Management
  • Performance Management as an Appraisal Process
  • Performance Management Around the Globe

Day Two

Leading Organizational Change Through Innovation

  • Strategy Innovations Is Managing the Future
  • Strategy Innovations is Not Strategic Planning
  • Managing Innovation and the Discovery Process
  • The Discovery Process: Staging, Aligning, Exploring, Creating, Mapping
  • The Future of Strategy Innovation Systems in Management

Day Three

Leveraging Management Based Activities

  • Questions and Definitions of Activity Based Management
  • Activity Based Management as a Key to Success
  • Operational Activity Based Management for Continuous Improvement
  • Strategic Activity Based Management for Profitability
  • Activity Based Management Supports Performance Management

Day Four

Integration of Performance Management

  • Customer Intelligence and Relationship Management
  • Supplier Intelligence: Managing Economic Profits Across the Value Chain
  • Process Intelligence and Six Sigma Quality and Lean Thinking
  • Shareholder Intelligence
  • Employee Intelligence

Day Five

Knowledge Based Management and Organisations

  • Enabling Knowledge-Based Competence of a Corporation
  • Strategic Management of Knowledge
  • Market Research in Product Development
  • Human Resource Management and Knowledge Creation
  • Organizing and Managing Innovation in a Knowledge-Based Economy

UAE (Dubai)

From 5/7/2020 To 9/7/2020 Price: 2500 Euro
From 27/9/2020 To 1/10/2020 Price: 2500 Euro
From 13/12/2020 To 17/12/2020 Price: 2500 Euro

Egypt (Cairo)

From 26/7/2020 To 30/7/2020 Price: 2500 Euro
From 22/11/2020 To 26/11/2020 Price: 2500 Euro

Morocco (Casablanca)

From 1/11/2020 To 5/11/2020 Price: 2500 Euro

Jordan (Amman)

From 20/12/2020 To 24/12/2020 Price: 2500 Euro

UK (London)

From 27/7/2020 To 31/7/2020 Price: 4500 Euro
From 9/11/2020 To 13/11/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Egypt (Sharm El-Sheikh)

From 26/7/2020 To 30/7/2020 Price: 2500 Euro

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

From 31/5/2020 To 4/6/2020 Price: 3500 Euro
From 20/9/2020 To 24/9/2020 Price: 3500 Euro

Turkey (Istanbul)

From 12/4/2020 To 16/4/2020 Price: 3000 Euro
From 11/10/2020 To 15/10/2020 Price: 3000 Euro

France (Paris)

From 7/9/2020 To 11/9/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Switzerland (Geneva)

From 28/9/2020 To 2/10/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Spain (Barcelona)

From 11/5/2020 To 15/5/2020 Price: 4500 Euro
From 19/10/2020 To 23/10/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Italy (Rome)

From 13/4/2020 To 17/4/2020 Price: 4500 Euro
From 26/10/2020 To 30/10/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Manama (Bahrain)

From 26/4/2020 To 30/4/2020 Price: 2500 Euro
From 1/11/2020 To 5/11/2020 Price: 2500 Euro


From 6/12/2020 To 10/12/2020 Price: 2500 Euro

Kuwait (Kuwait)

From 5/7/2020 To 9/7/2020 Price: 2500 Euro

Spain (madrid)

From 6/4/2020 To 10/4/2020 Price: 4500 Euro
From 19/10/2020 To 23/10/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Singapore (Singapore)

From 27/7/2020 To 31/7/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Netherlands (Amsterdam)

From 24/8/2020 To 28/8/2020 Price: 4500 Euro

Canada (Toronto)

From 27/7/2020 To 31/7/2020 Price: 5000 Euro

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