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Advanced Management Program: AMP Global Leadership


Today's executives have no room for error in navigating the market upturn to ensure their organization's survival and success. This advanced management course, a key component of our advanced management program (AMP), is a direct route to enhancing senior management efficacy by learning to leverage your corporation's competencies best and build high-value and sustainable growth.

An exceptional opportunity for experienced executives seeking the latest advanced management skills training, focusing on strategy and "growth maximization" to prepare for market realities in the next three years.

Targeted Groups

  • Senior functional heads.
  • Senior managers.
  • Members of the executive committee.
  • The heads of central business units.
  • Senior members of the operating group.
  • HR professionals.

Course Objectives

At the end of this advanced management program (AMP) course, the participants will be able to:

  • Review prevalent management practices in today's organizations.
  • Engage in discussions of emerging business issues in management.
  • Identify their leadership and management strengths and plan future development.
  • Explore new sources of growth in strategy.
  • Challenge traditional assumptions and view business challenges from fresh perspectives.
  • Establish a sustainable competitive advantage by bolstering core competencies.
  • Transition to contemporary management and leadership paradigms.
  • Manage and invigorate people to enhance organizational performance.
  • Create an actionable plan for implementation upon return to their workplace.
  • Translate ideas into action through hands-on case studies that span all aspects of general management.
  • Consolidate advanced-level management learning in an efficient and dynamic format.
  • Prepare to capitalize on opportunities as markets improve.
  • Stay abreast of cutting-edge trends in productivity, innovation, strategy, and performance.
  • Network with an outstanding peer group from various industries.
  • Receive coaching from senior consultants on sparking growth and momentum in your organization.

Targeted Competencies

  • Managing internal activities.
  • Utilizing action-planning tools for diagnosing and resolving organizational issues.
  • Analyzing competitive landscapes.
  • Strategic analysis.
  • Overseeing performance management.
  • Leading change management initiatives.

Course Content

Unit 1: Performance Management Process

  • Integrating established management methodologies.
  • Utilizing data and information technology effectively.
  • Driving motivation and overseeing performance management.
  • Understanding performance management as an essential appraisal process.
  • Examining performance management practices across the globe.

Unit 2: Leading Organizational Change Through Innovation

  • Embracing strategy innovation in foreseeing the future.
  • Differentiating strategy innovation from strategic planning.
  • Managing the innovation process.
  • Implementing the discovery process: staging, aligning, exploring, creating, mapping.
  • Exploring the future of strategic innovation systems in management.

Unit 3: Leveraging Management Based Activities

  • Grasping the concepts of Activity-Based Management (ABM).
  • Recognizing ABM as a key to organizational success.
  • Applying Operational ABM for continuous improvement.
  • Utilizing Strategic ABM to Enhance Profitability.
  • Supporting performance management through ABM.

Unit 4: Integration of Performance Management

  • Cultivating customer intelligence and relationship management.
  • Mastering supplier intelligence and managing profits across the value chain.
  • Enhancing process intelligence with Six Sigma, quality, and lean thinking.
  • Gaining insights into shareholder intelligence.
  • Developing an acute understanding of employee intelligence.

Unit 5: Knowledge-Based Management and Organizations

  • Fostering knowledge-based competencies within a corporation.
  • Strategically managing organizational knowledge.
  • Conducting market research to innovate product development.
  • Integrating Human Resource Management with Knowledge Creation.
  • Organizing and managing innovation in a knowledge-based economy.

Advanced Management Skills Training Overview

The AMP Global Leadership program combines an advanced training management approach with a rich curriculum designed to arm participants with an advanced skillset in management.

The advanced management program (AMP) delivers an advanced business management course experience and includes specialized aspects such as advanced financial and program management.

As the potential AMP leader of tomorrow, you will be introduced to high-level concepts and practices that prepare you to manage and lead effectively in a global context.

The AMP program promotes a holistic view of organizational leadership and provides comprehensive training for those who aspire to excel in complex business environments.

By integrating advanced management training courses, this program appeals to those seeking robust and sophisticated leadership and team management courses.

The advanced management program (AMP) fosters advanced management skills training through a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. It ensures attendees understand and can implement advanced management services and strategies upon returning to their respective enterprises.

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Advanced Management Program: AMP Global Leadership (ML)


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