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Management & Leadership Training Courses

Successful Leadership as a New Manager Training Course


This successful leadership as a new manager training program provides an understanding of the issues that allow for effective management and supervision, such as proactive planning, knowledge of customer relations, effective time management, proper communication, and understanding of human interaction, helping new managers use productive leadership and management techniques.

Targeted Groups

  • Managers who want to master and improve their skills.
  • New managers who wish to start their managerial journey effectively and efficiently.
  • Supervisors who aim to be ready for the following role.
  • Employees who are potential candidates for promotion to an administrative role.

Course Objectives

By the end of this successful leadership as a new manager course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop essential management skills for new managers.
  • Learn the importance of managing strategic thinking.
  • Learn how to set goals and plan effectively and efficiently.
  • Establish a customer focus in management.
  • Develop positive interpersonal techniques for better people relationships.
  • Improve their ability to make higher-quality decisions.
  • Apply concepts of team building, team performance, and motivation.
  • Learn how to establish and maintain time management techniques.
  • Understand the role of stakeholders and learn methods of stakeholder management.
  • Develop productive communication techniques.
  • Understand the importance of performance standards, goals, and objectives.
  • Develop improvement plans to accomplish work and improve performance.

Management Skills Training for New Managers

The transition from peer to manager often requires a range of new competencies. This management skills training for new managers is designed to empower participants with the core skills and leadership strategies essential for success in their new roles.

Participants of this successful leadership as a new manager course will engage in managerial training to tackle real-world challenges and foster professional growth.

Professional Development for Managers: Cultivating Leadership Skills

Aspiring and new managers need tailored leadership courses for new managers to navigate and excel in their roles. This successful leadership as a new manager course focuses on practical leadership and team management skills, providing insights into professional development strategies that enhance effectiveness in leadership positions.

Effective Communication: A Key Management Training Focus

This successful leadership as a new manager course delves into communication skills for new managers, emphasizing clarity, active listening, and feedback mechanisms.

Participants in this successful leadership as a new manager course will be introduced to various communication methods that enhance team coordination and information dissemination, an integral part of new supervisor training plans.

Resources for New Managers: Fostering Continuous Improvement

Participants will explore resources for new managers to promote ongoing personal and professional development on the final of this successful leadership as a new manager course.

Emphasis will be on crafting clear and directly implementable improvement strategies that align with organizational objectives and support individual career growth.

Targeted Competencies

  • Management skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Team building
  • Decision making
  • Time management
  • Communication skills
  • Change management

Course Content

Unit 1: Leadership Skills for New Managers

  • Identification of management and supervisory leadership skills.
  • Challenges faced by new supervisors in dynamic and changing organizations.
  • Identifying the life cycle of organizations.
  • Role of leadership in successful organizations today.
  • Understanding the role of strategic management in leadership.
  • Leadership role in establishing a customer focus.

Unit 2: Goal Setting and Planning for Effective Management

  • Aligning goals and objectives with the company\'s business strategy.
  • Integrating goals, scope, work structure, and management planning.
  • The concept of planning is based on standardized principles.
  • Engaging stakeholders in effective planning methodologies.
  • Utilizing a structured planning process for goal-setting.
  • Incorporating initiating objectives into management planning.

Unit 3: Time Management and Communication Skills for New Managers

  • Assessing one work style\'s impact on time management.
  • Identifying time management challenges and generating solutions.
  • Empowerment within the context of time management.
  • The significance of leadership in communication strategies.
  • Understanding the effects of verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Developing a style of active listening and effective communication.

Unit 4: Building Effective Interpersonal Interactions as a Manager

  • Personal characteristics that influence interpersonal interactions.
  • Understanding different interaction styles and their implications.
  • Strengths and challenges associated with varied interpersonal styles.
  • Fostering trust through successful interpersonal interactions.
  • The supervisor\'s role in the stages of team development.
  • Improving teamwork through understanding diverse interaction types.

Unit 5: Personal and Team Improvement Strategies

  • Fostering a culture of innovation and improvement.
  • Insights into interpersonal dynamics within workgroups.
  • Understanding processes of change and human behavior in transitions.
  • Strategies for managing resistance to change.
  • Creating actionable plans for personal and team development.

Management & Leadership Training Courses
Successful Leadership as a New Manager Training Course (ML1084)


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