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Inspirational Leadership: Strategy, Culture, and Change


Do you aspire to be a leader who makes a lasting impact? Suppose you are determined to drive your organization towards excellence and wish to foster an environment where your employees are empowered to achieve their full potential.

In that case, this inspirational leadership strategy, culture, and change course is crucial for you. Passionate leaders are more than just visionaries. They are the force that propels momentum for change. They know how to craft a shared vision that resonates with their people and cultivate a robust organizational culture that values individual contributions, teamwork, and customer satisfaction.

In inspirational leadership, creativity meets interpersonal, with leaders effectively leveraging their unique strengths. This inspirational leadership course delves into the attributes that characterize passionate leaders within their organization's strategy and culture. By utilizing a blend of practical tools and techniques, this program is tailored to enhance leadership capacity and strategize a proactive approach to the multifaceted challenges inherent in leadership.

Inspire Strategy: Harnessing the Power of Vision and Direction

In this rapidly evolving corporate world, strategic leadership inspires people to implement organizational strategies ardently and precisely. The leader's ability to inspire in leadership is essential to this process, galvanizing a team to move with purpose and clarity toward common goals.

This leadership strategy, culture, and change course component will help leaders understand the nuances of marrying strategy with an inspirational leadership strategy to effect tangible change and drive organizational success.

Targeted Groups

  • Head of Departments
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • HR Staff
  • Individuals eager to enhance their leadership capabilities for career advancement

Course Objectives

By the end of this inspirational leadership training, participants will gain the proficiency to:

  • Conceptualize and communicate an emotional leadership strategy culture and change.
  • Scrutinize the broader environmental influences on strategy.
  • Assess key aspects of their organizational culture for strategic alignment.
  • Seize opportunities to foster innovation within their organization.
  • Articulate an impactful narrative to lead those they manage.
  • Understand the overarching impact of corporate culture on performance.
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships.
  • Identify trust-building and influential behaviors.
  • Develop a robust change management training strategy responsive to the global business environment.

Targeted Competencies

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Strategic direction and organizational alignment
  • Personal credibility and trusted influence
  • Communication skills
  • Leading organizational change

Course Content

Unit 1: Leading The Strategic Vision

  • Establishing an organizational vision.
  • Supporting behaviors, values, and stakeholders for the vision.
  • Identifying leadership qualities that will actualize the vision.
  • Critical questions surrounding leadership.
  • Inspiring change through personal example.
  • Personal leadership challenges.

Unit 2: Strategy and the Organisation

  • The global environmental impact on our business operations.
  • Current organizational status: SWOT analysis.
  • Strategic alignment with the corporate vision.
  • Assessing customer-centric strategies.
  • Anticipating and planning for future needs.
  • Designing a strategy tree for organizational alignment.

Unit 3: Inspirational Leadership and Culture

  • The shadow of the leader.
  • How leaders impact the culture and climate of an organization
  • Organizational culture: what is it and why so important?
  • Using McKinsey's 7 s tool to analyze the organization.
  • What features can I identify in my corporate culture?
  • Does our culture support the vision and strategy?
  • Identify areas for potential change.

Unit 4: Generating Momentum and Leading Change

  • Strategies for steering strategic and cultural change
  • Various models of change
  • Developing a change plan using Kotter's Eight Stage model
  • Building support for change initiatives
  • Strategies for mitigating resistance
  • Addressing individual resistance and inspiring collective commitment

Unit 5: Inspirational Leadership: Future Action and Intent

  • Dissecting the structure of effective leadership
  • Creating a compelling vision that inspires
  • Ensuring communication is inspirational and clear
  • Building trust as a cornerstone of inspiration
  • Actively engaging team members
  • Constructing an action plan and initiating a review mechanism

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Inspirational Leadership: Strategy, Culture, and Change (ML)


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