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Effective Self-Management & Leadership Training Course


Great achievers have always performed well by managing themselves and their capabilities. Self-management is critical for individuals to perform efficiently in large and small businesses where they are called to perform various duties.

Self-management inspires individuals to set their own goals, monitor their behavior in achieving those goals, and reward themselves upon their success in achieving those goals. Self-management is the building block for effectively managing other people, groups, and organizations.

Understanding what self-management is. And why self-management is important in leadership to help develop a robust foundation for personal and professional growth.

Enhancing Self-Management and Self-Leadership

Self-management and self-leadership strategies are crucial for anyone looking to succeed in leadership or team management.

Through the effective self-management and self-leadership course, individuals can explore ways to improve self-management skills and understand how self-leadership influences team dynamics and overall success. These skills are instrumental in personal advancement and fostering productive self-management in the workplace.

Participants in this effective self-management and self-leadership course will gain insights into the importance of self-management in leadership, allowing them to see firsthand how leading oneself is the first step towards leading others effectively.

With practical self-management activities and specialized self-management training, the effective self-management and self-leadership course aims to instill in participants the capability to adapt and flourish in varying environments while helping to create a self-driven approach toward achieving personal and organizational goals.

Targeted Groups

  • All the managerial and supervisory levels
  • All the team members of the organization
  • Persons who want to gain great experience to improve their personal and professional life

Course Objectives

At the end of this effective self-management and self-leadership course, the participants will be able to:

  • Encourage at all levels to develop skills and strategies to direct their behavior toward achieving their goals
  • Accept responsibility for the success or failure of tasks that they have undertaken
  • Schedule personal time off to create positive deadlines to complete projects
  • Identify the priorities in life and to balance work and family commitments
  • Learn to cope with stress
  • Cultivate the habit of finishing projects
  • Develop their self-confidence and self-assurance in their ability to achieve goals
  • Develop effective strategies to cope with stress
  • Evaluate the current situation and make the necessary adjustments to succeed
  • Learn to manage time better
  • Identify their life goals and develop a plan on how to achieve them successfully
  • Achieve a balance between work, family, and rest
  • Manage emotions and build and maintain relationships
  • Deal with pressure and stress in the workplace

Targeted Competencies

  • Understanding one’s self and managing emotions
  • Managing our behaviors
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Working as a self-managed team toward organizational objectives
  • Prioritizing
  • Time management

Course Content

Unit 1: Knowing Yourself

  • Importance of awareness for self-management
  • Focusing your mental power
  • The mind-body connection
  • Managing your physical energy
  • Promoting good personal habits
  • Understand your training style

Unit 2: Towards Effective Self-Management

  • Understanding the steps of human development
  • Understanding and managing our behaviors
  • How to empower yourself
  • Basic principles of life
  • Filters of experience
  • Passive, aggressive, and assertive behavior

Unit 3: Self-Management for Effective Leadership

  • Leadership style and impact
  • Developing trust
  • Practicing empathy
  • Making decisions
  • Getting people behind your ideas

Unit 4: Self-Managed Teams

  • Managing interactions with different people
  • Handling difficult people
  • Setting targets for performance
  • Managing self for leadership
  • The role of influence
  • Resolving conflicts effectively

Unit 5: Making Every Moment Count

  • Setting priorities
  • Time management techniques
  • Strategies to avoid procrastination
  • Handling stress in the workplace
  • Dealing with pressure
  • Making an action plan

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Effective Self-Management & Leadership Training Course (ML)


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