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Smart Leadership: Achieving Strategy through Leadership and Innovation


In the complex and rapidly changing landscape of global industries, innovation is the pivotal strategy for gaining a unique competitive edge. Innovation is not merely an abstract concept. It is a concrete vehicle that drives new products, services, and programs, setting leaders and organizations apart from their competitors. Amidst a milieu where routine tasks are automated and business dynamics constantly evolve, the importance of creativity and innovative problem-solving has catapulted. Leaders now bear the critical responsibility of nurturing an ecosystem where innovation and creativity not only exist but thrive. This leadership and innovation course aims to empower you with the tools and strategies necessary for achieving success by enhancing your smart leadership skills.

This course offers an invaluable lens to view the synergy of people, processes, and practices that pave the way for groundbreaking innovations. By integrating proven methodologies from some of the worlds largest corporations, the course equips you to earn essential buy-in from all levels of employees. The ultimate goal is to harness their collective energy and ideas for transforming your strategic vision into a resounding success.

Targeted Groups

  • Managers across all levels
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Employees seeking to upgrade their skills for career advancement

Course Objectives

By the end of this Get Smarter Leadership course, participants will:

  • Frame creativity and innovation within a strategic context
  • Recognize the primary drivers that necessitate a focus on creativity and innovation in contemporary business
  • Identify the essential processes, activities, and organizational culture that support creativity and innovation
  • Gain proficiency in tools and techniques to enhance creativity and innovation
  • Develop a deep understanding of how resistance to change can either hinder or facilitate creativity and innovation
  • Understand the role and skills of strategic leadership in nurturing an innovation-friendly environment
  • Equip themselves with strategies for fostering a culture of innovation
  • Increase readiness to manage strategic improvements effectively
  • Build innovative capabilities at organizational, team, and individual levels
  • Elevate performance through innovative processes and strategies
  • Boost motivation and workforce participation

Targeted Competencies

  • Innovative Leadership
  • Process Improvement
  • Human Interaction Skills
  • Fostering Creativity
  • Team Building
  • Change Management

Course Content

Unit 1: Encouraging a Creative Environment at Work

  • The essence of innovative leadership for superior performance
  • The critical mass required for change and innovation
  • Differentiating between innovation and constant improvement
  • How strategic leadership fosters a climate of innovation
  • Latest breakthroughs in business through innovation

Unit 2: Gaining the Participation of the Workforce

  • Implementing the G.E. Workout Strategy
  • Creative problem-solving for strategic planning
  • Securing workforce Buy-In
  • Overcoming existing paradigms
  • Addressing organizational Drift

Unit 3: Leading on The Creative Edge

  • Fostering creative potential in teams and individuals
  • Understanding the psychology of creative people
  • Skills in convergent and divergent thinking
  • Strategies for motivating creative individuals
  • Idea incubation and creative interaction
  • Transforming expenses into assets through creativity

Unit 4: Creating a Motivating Climate for Higher Productivity

  • The Ten Key Elements for Mission Formulation
  • Setting creative goals and targets
  • Establishing a Sense of Significance
  • Reward systems that foster performance
  • Application of the Four-Step Pygmalion Theory
  • Generational factors in motivation

Unit 5: Driving Strategic Change

  • Managing the complex process of change
  • Utilizing Kotter change management techniques
  • Effective communication strategies for urgency
  • Risks and downsides of change management
  • Establishing a culture that embraces constant change

By completing this strategic leadership and innovation certificate, you will have the knowledge and tools to be a great manager through solid leadership. With a focus on achievement-oriented leadership, this course is designed to help you successfully meet the challenges of dynamic, strategic change.

Achievement-Oriented Leadership

In todays competitive environment, achievement-oriented leadership is crucial for inspiring individuals and guiding teams to success. This course will explore the nuanced behaviors and tactics leaders can employ to foster a mindset geared towards high performance and meeting benchmarks. With a conscientious approach towards goal setting, accountability, and transparent progress monitoring, youll learn to implement smart goal leadership practices that motivate and challenge your team to excel.

Management & Leadership Training Courses
Smart Leadership: Achieving Strategy through Leadership and Innovation (ML)


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