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Lead Strategic Planning & Innovation to Develop Deliverable Strategies


Effective strategic leadership is fundamental to the future success of any organization. This starts with defining a clear strategic vision – establishing the leadership teams direction for the organization and its entities.

Leaders will translate this vision into an actionable strategy or a strategic planning course in this strategic planning training.

This encompasses creating a framework for business planning deliverables, discerning the necessary path for the business, and enabling managers to make aligned decisions.

Participants in this innovation strategy course will build innovation skills and apply changes to ensure the efficacy of new strategies, visions, or missions within the dynamic modern environment.

Focus will be placed on the strategic planning and development process, empowering the organization to achieve its projected goals.

Enhancing Strategic Leadership

In our rapidly evolving business landscape, the development of an innovative leadership mindset is crucial. This strategic leadership training module aims to foster a culture of advanced strategic thinking and innovative plan development.

Targeted Groups

  • Head of departments
  • Managers at all managerial levels
  • Supervisors and Team leaders
  • Strategic Planning department
  • Employees aiming to enhance their careers through strategic leadership training

Course Objectives

By the end of this strategic planning training course, participants will:

  • Craft leaders have three vital strategic agendas: Intellectual, Managerial, and Behavioural.
  • Enhance strategic thinking and the ability to envision potent strategic futures.
  • Encourage strategic thinking throughout the organization.
  • Balance Operational Excellence with Breakthrough Strategic Performance.
  • Address critical strategic issues and opportunities.
  • Prioritize initiatives that drive genuine value creation.
  • Lead and inspire in diverse and complex environments through strategic leadership training.
  • Stimulate innovative thinking and initiative-taking.
  • Direct teams towards the strategic vision.
  • Construct a supportive environment for new strategic endeavors.
  • Develop fresh solutions to existing strategic challenges.
  • Utilize resources to implement strategic plans efficiently.
  • Interpret factors shaping the future.
  • Formulate a practicable strategic vision and statement of intent.
  • Recognize the hallmarks of strategically agile organizations.
  • Command respect.
  • Develop and foster a supportive culture for strategic initiatives.

Targeted Competencies

  • Analytical strategic thinking
  • Strategic visioning
  • Strategic communication
  • Effective plan implementation
  • Strategic leadership
  • Motivating and influencing others
  • Enacting necessary advancements in strategy
  • Inducing new organizational behaviors

Course Content

Unit 1: Understanding The Strategic Environment

  • Grasping the Strategic Leadership Agenda
  • Interpreting strategic environmental forces
  • Pinpointing strategic inflection points and scenarios
  • Prioritizing strategic issues in plan development
  • Shaping strategic visions and intents
  • Crafting a strategic roadmap

Unit 2: Understanding Strategic Models And Paradigms

  • Exploring standard models for strategic thinking
  • Utilizing the 7S framework to identify strategic horizons
  • Developing strategic agility characteristics
  • Harnessing and growing strategic competencies

Unit 3: Effective Strategic Implementation

  • Tools and frameworks for strategic application
  • Building structures for strategic agility and performance
  • Monitoring and adjusting strategies
  • Embracing knowledge management for analysis and measurement

Unit 4: Strategic Leadership

  • Preparing for future challenges
  • Discerning effective strategic leadership practices
  • Analyzing and evolving strategic leadership styles
  • Inspiring and motivating with strategic thinking training
  • Communicating the vision and securing the backing

Unit 5: Driving Strategic Performance & Success

  • Transforming the organization for strategic success
  • Achieving the balance between performance focus and strategy
  • Dispersing leadership capabilities via strategic workforce planning training
  • Maximizing knowledge transfer for entrenched strategic success

Unit 6: Promoting a Creative Environment at Work

  • Leading innovation for performance excellence
  • Establishing innovation critical mass
  • Innovation vs. constant improvement
  • Creating innovative climates with innovation strategy training
  • Understanding innovations and their impact on current businesses

Unit 7: Gaining the Participation of the Workforce

  • The G.E. Workout Strategy for Engagement
  • Crafting creative, strategic solutions
  • Securing workforce buy-in via strategic training and development
  • Overcoming organizational resistance
  • Managing organizational drift

Unit 8: Leading on The Creative Edge

  • Unlocking the creative potential in teams
  • Understanding the nature of creative individuals
  • Convergent and divergent thinking skills
  • Motivating creative workforce members
  • Ideas incubation
  • Creative interaction
  • Converting expenses into assets creatively

Unit 9: Creating a Motivating Climate for Higher Productivity

  • Critical elements for launching new missions
  • Creatively setting targets with plan development process training
  • Developing significant workplace incentives
  • Performance rewards
  • The Pygmalion effect on motivation
  • Motivational factors across generations

Unit 10: Driving Strategic Change

  • Overseeing the change management process
  • Employing Kotters techniques in change management
  • Communicating urgency in changes
  • Recognizing the downsides of change
  • Cultivating an atmosphere of continuous change with strategic training
  • Changing mindsets and tactics effectively


Management & Leadership Training Courses
Lead Strategic Planning & Innovation to Develop Deliverable Strategies (ML)


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